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  • Keeping New Year's Resolutions with Lighting!

    New Year's Resolutions

    Shopping Guide:

    Entryway Lighting

    1. Industrial Entryway Chandelier 2. Modern Brass Chandelier 3. Traditional Entryway Pendant 4. Jonathan Adler Brass Chandelier

    Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions yet? When it comes to keeping resolutions, you're really just breaking old habits and replacing them with new ones; and a conducive environment represents one less obstacle standing in your way.

    For example, perhaps you've decided that this year you want to create a more welcoming home? Make an inviting impression the moment guests step in the door with an impactful entryway chandelier, as in the above image from the Lamps Plus Trend Center.

    Kitchen Lighting

    Shopping Guide:

    Kitchen Lighting

    1. Three Light Adjustable Ceiling Fixture 2. Nickel Kitchen Pendant 3. Bronze Industrial Pendant Lamp 4. Brushed Steel Track Lighting

    If you've resolved to eat out less and prepare more healthful meals at home, directional and track lighting as in the above Lamps Plus image makes cooking and cleaning a pleasure rather than a chore.

    And if increasing the quality of your sleep is your 2014 resolution, bedside sconces for a pre-bedtime glowand a ceiling fan for improved ventilationwill let you catch your Z's in a bedroom as restful as the photo below from Lamps Plus. 

    Bedroom Lighting

    Shopping Guide:

    Bedroom Lighting

    1. Industrial Ceiling Fan 2. Industrial Wall Sconce 3. Modern Ceiling Fan 4. Modern Wall Sconce

    No matter what goals you set for the coming year, you're more likely to reach them if you 'light the way' with your surroundings!

    Image Credits: 1. Lamps Plus 2. Lamps Plus 3. Lamps Plus

  • Glitter and Gold Home Decor

    Gold Home Decor

    New Year’s Eve is all about champagne, as well as glitter and gold home decor! There is something about the promise of a new year, endless possibilities and resolutions that feel like a golden opportunity...why not be literal and embrace the gold?

    The shimmering frivolity of this night can easily be captured and become super chic home decor if you know where to look.

    Glitter Accessories

    I found some fabulous examples of glittery gold accessories and home furnishings on The Zhush. There are two ways to approach this design style: big and bold or subtle and sly.

    Glitter can embellish just about anything from clothing to electronics and can heighten any day objects into something worthy of a New Year’s Eve celebration.

    Gold Home Furnishings

    When it comes to gold home furnishings everything is fair game. Gold looks good everywhere and can even work with other metals like nickel, black/bronze and silver.

    I think the most popular gold item must be the stylish framed mirror. However, the trend is moving towards gold becoming a mainstay in lighting and hardware. Gold table lamps, floor lamps and sconces add a richness to any room, but the real daredevils will opt for gold pulls, knobs and faucets in kitchens and bathrooms. 

    Designer Home Accessories

    Regardless how you implement gold into your home design I hope it sparkles for you like the most festive New Year’s Eve.

    Shopping Guide:

    1. Gold Fiber Translucent Drum Lamp Shade 2. Feiss Darwin Rectangular Wall Mirror 3. Jonathan Adler Meurice Antique Brass Wall Sconce 4. Valentina Gold Mirror Top Accent Table 5. Arteriors Home Warsaw White Marble Serving Tray 6. Ripley Gold Table Lamp (currently unavailable)

    Image credit: The Zhush

  • Interior Design With Layers of Winter White

    Winter is here and we can all feel it! Those dropping temperatures cause us to retreat into the warm indoors, but the winter wonderland seen outdoors can be the inspiration for interior spaces.
    One way to pull off white paces in interior design is by including layers of texture like the ones seen in this light and bright living room designed by Darryl Carter.

    Both organic and woven elements will accomplish the task, mix various wood tones for rich contrast. Also include sculptural decorative objects and textural throw blankets for a “curl up and get cozy” look.

    Interior Design

    Rachel Classic Natural Slipcover Sofa, Confetti Champagne Throw Blanket, Zuo Civic Center Distressed Wood Coffee, Howard Elliott Set of 2 Gloss White Floral Vases, Plantation Cherry Clover Pedestal Table

    A bathroom remodeled in all white is a timeless look that will be just as fresh ten years from now.

    Below is a beautiful example of how to accomplish a clean white aesthetic... Classic white vanity and marble top with gleaming wall sconces to the side of or above a classic square mirror, like in this fresh and fabulous bathroom by Milton Development.

    Bathroom Design

    Galaxy 60" Marble Cream Vanity, Christine 72" Double Sink Vanity

    Carve out a home office with a few extra square feet for a home office and capture the appeal of the layered white interior design look, this one below designed by Palmer Weiss.

    With basics in place, you can add icy blues or soft grays for a home office that combines style with productivity.

    Office Design

    Vienna Full Spectrum Crystal Trophy Table Lamp, Naples 3-Drawer White Wood Executive Desk, Axess 5-Shelf Pure White Bookcase, White Leather Low Back Swivel Office Chair

    For a soothing retreat to settle in at a day’s end, dress your bedroom with layers of white in a tone on tone palette.

    Take a cue from luxury hotels that dress their beds in all white linens and introduce a hint of glamour with a mirrored nightstand like this sophisticated bedroom featured at The Cross Design.

    Bedroom Design

    Satin Silver White Shade Double Gourd Lamp, Astoria Cotton Duvet Bedding Sets, Jeslyn White Tufted Headboard, Antique Silver 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

    Image credits: Darryl Carter, Milton Development, Palmer Weiss, The Cross Design

  • Versatile LED Light Strips

    Today we’ll take a look at some stunning applications for LED light strips, one of the hottest home lighting trends! Also known as tape lights, these versatile, energy-efficient lights offer an ideal solution for under cabinet lighting, outlining and highlighting architectural details like windows, and creating ambiance as party lights.

    Versatile Kitchen LED Light Strips

    1. To Increase the Functionality of Kitchens. A highly versatile LED tape light not only adds ambiance to a kitchen, but shines light into dark corners and onto surfaces where additional illumination needed for food preparation. One of my favorite features is that these lights are plug-in - they come with their own power supply - so they are easy to install because they don’t require wiring. 

    Bedroom LED Lights

    2. To Increase the Beauty of Bedrooms and Living Rooms. The warm white LED tape light kit is a great accent for a living or sleeping space. As seen in this photo, the soft white color is unobtrusive and will let the beauty of your decor shine though. Add accents to headboards, mirrors, wall-mounted televisions, underneath furniture, and more. This light kit installs (and removes) easily with peel-and-stick adhesive and a plug-in power cord.

    Under Cabinet Lights in a Closet

    3. To Highlight Architectural Details. Highlight windows, moldings and chair rails, ceiling coves, built-in cabinetry, and more. The right lighting can really elevate a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and versatile LED light strips are an easy and energy-efficient way to achieve this.

    LED Party Lights that Change Color

    4. To Add Ambiance as Party Lights. Have some fun at your next soiree with the color changing LED tape light kit. Using the included remote control, you can program a range of colors from the LED strip (including red, green, blue, yellow, pure white, and cool white) and a range of lighting styles and patterns. These LED tape lights are energy efficient, use only 36 watts, and they're dimmable - perfect for use as party lights to create a unique experience for your guests.

    So where will you be using LED tape lights in your home? 

    Design Dossier is our monthly series where we share highlights of some of Lamps Plus’ most popular, unique, and interesting lighting choices straight from our showrooms.

  • Winter Design Trend - Black Paint


    Everyone is always talking about winter whites… Today I want to delve into a dark, moody winter design trend by focusing on the sultry effects of black accent paint.  What was once considered goth and overly dramatic has transformed into a super chic way to add a drama and glamour to any room.  

    Take a look at some of these gorgeous inspiration images from various interior designers, including the above image from Amy D. Morris, that feature wintry black paint in all its glory.


    Let's start off by talking about the most drastic of the options - a black ceiling, with these great images from Houzz.  Many people are terrified to darken their ceilings for fear of shrinking the appearance of a room.  As you can see above, the addition of black paint on the ceilings, when done correctly, can be dramatic and beautiful.  High ceilings and larger spaces are the perfect palette for experimenting with black painted ceilings.

    Another thing that helps offset the darkness of a black ceiling is beautiful white crown molding. Mix in light furniture, accessories and accents to compliment your newly painted black ceiling and you will find a whole new life in your space.


    A white ceiling and black beams is a classic look but the addition of black window frames and cabinetry gives this kitchen its design edge. To be able to pull off this look, it would help to have a large space that can handle so much black.  Interior designer Jessica Helgerson beautifully married all of this together in the image above.

    The crisp white walls, vintage stove, furniture and modern black pendant lights serve to add variety and texture, allowing a room to exude depth instead of falling flat with all that black.


    This space above by designer Mark Cunningham is another good example of how accessorizing can liven up dramatic, black paint like on this shelving and cabinetry. As you can see, mostly light books and beautiful modern art pieces pop against the black built-ins.  

    Here, darker furniture is lightened by the amount of natural sunlight the room receives as well as by the metallic sheen from the carpet.


    Two more rooms that are high up on the "scary" list for accenting with black paint are definitely the bedroom and the bathroom. Remember what we have already learned about this design trend and you will have no problem adding black accent paint to these spaces. White tiles, fixtures, ceiling and accessories offset the dark, black paint and create a contemporary, chic bathroom by The Marion House Book designer Emma Reddington.

    In this master bedroom by designer Erin Martin, again the high ceilings and lighting accents compliment this dark wall, but what I love about this image is the texture of the black accent wall. Wood paneling, bricks or other decorative textures give the black accent wall fun and interesting dimension.


    It is hard not to be inspired to start painting the walls black with an image like the above by Julien Fernandez/GAP Interiors.  Whether you feel ready to dive into black accents for this winter design trend or not, first take a second to asses if your space fits the criteria to provide the best possible solution.  

    Once the decision is made to go for it, take another second to decide which paint to use. There are nearly dozens of options from every paint manufacturer and, whether you believe me or not, they DO vary.  

    Then get to painting, sit back, and enjoy the sultry glamour of black accent paint.

    Image Credits: Houzz, Amy D. Morris, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, Mark Cunningham, Erin Martin, The Marion House Book, Julien Fernandez/GAP Interiors

  • Lamps Plus and Domino Magazine: Top Lighting Picks from Michelle Adams

    Michelle Adams Domino - Favorite Lamps from Lamps Plus

    We're so excited to see Domino magazine back on newsstands! We've partnered with Domino's Editor in Chief Michelle Adams to find out her top lighting picks from Lamps Plus. Click through to view all 25 of Michelle's Lamps Plus favorites on her wish list. 

    Pictured aboveArteriors Home Sabine Desk Lamp, Nova Zinc Double Gourd Modern Ceramic Table Lamp, Nova Tripod Floor Lamp, Flynn Mercury Black Reactive Glass Table Lamp, Nova Adjust Matte Black Arc Floor Lamp, Jonathan Adler Meurice Collection Brass Floor Lamp, Nova Matrimony Reclining Silver Chrome Table Lamp, Robert Abbey Rico Espinet Buster Aged Brass Table Lamp

  • Let Your Holiday Decor Sparkle for New Year’s Eve

    The end of the year is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a festive New Year’s Eve Party? Whether you are planning a big bash with all of your closest friends and family or you plan to keep it low key with just a few close friends, holiday decor sparkle is a must in your decorations.

    Everyone loves to reminisce about the passing year over great food and bubbly and of course home decor that can sparkle makes the mood festive and welcoming.

    Holiday Decor

    The great part about these holiday ideas is that you can use them well into the New Year! No need to ditch the decor, these inspiring ideas can be kept around for your home in the year ahead.

    When we think of New Year’s Eve we often have the idea of cardboard hats and crowns with paper noisemakers and forget that the evening can still be very sophisticated and modern. Bringing sparkle to your holiday decor can mean bringing contemporary colors into your furniture textiles, drapery and lighting.

    Crystal Chandelier

    Uttermost Fascination 3-Light Chandelier

    A gorgeous chandelier can be the focal point of your party and the rest will fall into place with metallic dinnerware, table settings and your favorite bubbly on ice for your guests. Freestyle Interiors shows a beautiful way to make your everyday living room get party ready with colorful accents, reflective furniture and playful lighting that is perfect for mingling.

    Let’s face it; can you ever have too much reflection at your New Year’s Eve Party? Mirrors and silver tone decor have been a wonderful trend in the interior design world for the last year and using them as functional wall mirrors as you come into your home or highlighting them in your furniture are excellent ways to turn on the sparkle.

    Wall Mirror

    Howard Elliot Edgarton 40” Round Wall Mirror

    A large wall mirror like this Howard Elliot Edgarton Wall Mirror above is ideal for a foyer, over your sofa or fireplace. It would make a focal point for the room. Group several mirrors together, or use different mirrors in varying sizes in a gallery format for easy wall art that looks beautiful all year around.

    New Year’s eve is a wonderful time to let the conversation linger into the wee hours of early New Year’s Day and having gorgeous furniture pieces are a great way to bring in sparkle and pizazz. This living room below from Jerry Jacobs Design is the perfect mix of glam and contemporary living. 

    Mirrored Furniture

    Look to coffee and side tables with mirrored sides as well as sparkly throw accent pillows adorned with crystals and beaded embroidery. The beauty of accent pillows, rugs, and throw blankets are the ability to change them as the seasons change. After dancing the night away it will be nice to settle back and enjoy a seat with reflective inspiration all around.

    This New Year’s Eve welcome your guests into your home with these easy ideas for adding sparkle to your holiday decor and create an ambiance everyone will love. Your guests may want to stay just a few more hours this New Year’s holiday!

    Image credits: Freestyle Interiors, Jerry Jacobs Design

  • Merry Christmas from Lamps Plus

    Country Christmas Living Room

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at Lamps Plus! Wishing you and your family a safe, happy, healthy, and light-filled day.

    Image credit: Family Holiday.

  • Christmas Eve: Quiet Home Design

    Quite Home Design - Christmas Eve

    To me, Christmas Eve is all about that nostalgic silent night. The idea of quietly falling snow, a hush that blankets a city and soothing candlelight is all I need. How does one capture that quiet, serene feeling in home design?

    I think it can be achieved though the infusion of winter whites and soothing lights. The New Victorian Ruralist always posts the most romantic and moody images, ones that perfectly capture this notion of “quiet” design.

    Serene Winter Images

    I think birch trees evoke the essence of the holiday. They somehow represent the crisp outdoors, the silence of the forest and are the perfect backdrop and texture for home decor accessories.

    The rustic beauty of birch can enhance a traditional lamp, or clad a fabulous framed mirror, turning both into a microcosm of a winter wonderland. If a wood fire is not in cards, the use of tea lights or candles will add that storybook crackle to any room and will reflect beautifully in mirrors or on tables.

    Country Cabin Design

    Country living is another inspiration for this theme. Rough hewn woods may be rustic to the touch but incorporate the essence of a little house on the prairie. Decorating with branches and fur will recreate this aesthetic and make for a cozy Christmas Eve, settled in serene home decor.

    Serene Home Decor

    Shopping List:

    1. Wall Art by Uttermost - Set of 2 Birch I, II Hand-Painted Tree

    2. Animal Area Rug

    3. Natural Aspen Birch Bark Table Lamp (Update: Item no longer available.)

    4. Lantern Candleholder

    5. Round Wood Wall Mirror

    Image credits: The New Victorian Ruralist

  • Holiday Inspiration For Cozy Home Design

      Holiday Inspiration

    The build up of excitement during the hectic holiday season. Counting down the days. Decorating, parties, merriment, ringing in the new year. Then the holidays come to an abrupt halt and the decorations are packed away for another year. The house feels cold and empty.

    Cozy up your house after the holidays by dimming your lamps, sitting in front of a roaring fire, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and taking your winter decorating cues straight from nature. A few sprigs of fresh greenery can stay on the coffee table all winter long like in the DIY Showoff's home.

    Natural Greenery

    Pomegranates add a punch of color to this kitchen from Craftberry Bush, until you're ready to make a batch of pomegranate martinis.


    Bulbs can be forced into bloom all winter long and set on a beautiful serving tray like these paper whites from Our Fifth House. Greenery is one way to maintain cozy home design all year long.
    Potted Flowers
    Don't forget the outside holiday inspiration. Make an impression with an overflowing window box filled with greens and a welcoming pineapple from Centers and Squares.
    So take a walk in the woods on a quiet winter day and gather a few fallen evergreen branches to spruce up your home this winter.
December, 2013