Today we’ll take a look at some stunning applications for LED light strips, one of the hottest home lighting trends! Also known as tape lights, these versatile, energy-efficient lights offer an ideal solution for under cabinet lighting, outlining and highlighting architectural details like windows, and creating ambiance as party lights.

Versatile Kitchen LED Light Strips

1. To Increase the Functionality of Kitchens. A highly versatile LED tape light not only adds ambiance to a kitchen, but shines light into dark corners and onto surfaces where additional illumination needed for food preparation. One of my favorite features is that these lights are plug-in - they come with their own power supply - so they are easy to install because they don’t require wiring. 

Bedroom LED Lights

2. To Increase the Beauty of Bedrooms and Living Rooms. The warm white LED tape light kit is a great accent for a living or sleeping space. As seen in this photo, the soft white color is unobtrusive and will let the beauty of your decor shine though. Add accents to headboards, mirrors, wall-mounted televisions, underneath furniture, and more. This light kit installs (and removes) easily with peel-and-stick adhesive and a plug-in power cord.

Under Cabinet Lights in a Closet

3. To Highlight Architectural Details. Highlight windows, moldings and chair rails, ceiling coves, built-in cabinetry, and more. The right lighting can really elevate a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and versatile LED light strips are an easy and energy-efficient way to achieve this.

LED Party Lights that Change Color

4. To Add Ambiance as Party Lights. Have some fun at your next soiree with the color changing LED tape light kit. Using the included remote control, you can program a range of colors from the LED strip (including red, green, blue, yellow, pure white, and cool white) and a range of lighting styles and patterns. These LED tape lights are energy efficient, use only 36 watts, and they're dimmable - perfect for use as party lights to create a unique experience for your guests.

So where will you be using LED tape lights in your home? 

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