Urban Rustic Interiors

While urban rustic interior design may not be an official design style, it’s a look that is worth getting to know.

The New Victorian Ruralist always seems to capture this haunting aesthetic of the slightly worn interior with a modern twist. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a form of Shabby Chic. Years have past since it was all the rage, however it’s extreme femininity doesn’t translate well to current taste and urban sensibilities.

Antique Style Rooms

Many designers will tell you that one need not follow any rules when it comes to design, and that breaking the rules is just fine. That may be, however, good design in a room is really a delicate balancing act.

It’s truly interesting that these rooms have crumbling walls, but the spaces would simply look derelict if it were not for the counter weight of beautiful but simple linen, antiques and some more industrial and modern accessories and lighting.

Modern Lights

Like the rooms in the second images, this photo further amps up the chic in these rustic interiors. I’m mad for modern floor lamps juxtaposed against rough hewn walls and further balanced with natural stools, chairs and soft furnishings.

You can also achieve these lighting schemes with a variety of clip on light styles that offer a similar look. The urban rustic interior can look amazing in loft style homes as well. The use of metal be it exposed duct work or conduit compliments soft fabrics and natural woods extremely well.

Urban Style Decor

Shopping List:

1. Onscreen Black and Chrome Finish Floor Lamp

2. Wilmington Collection Outdoor Ceiling Light

3. Vintage Natural Pecan Wooden Stool

4. Winema 18" Square Down-Filled Taupe Linen Throw Pillow

Image credit: New Victorian Ruralist