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  • Updating Your Office Design


    Has the year started but you are still in lazy holiday mode? Your brain may want to truck on, but your surroundings might need a jump start. Updating the design of your work space, whether at home or at the office can breathe new, vibrant life into your work habits and subsequently your work itself.

    Whatever style you subscribe to, we will tackle some fun ways to update your office design.

    The image above from Elle Decor is a good example of utilizing space when you have it. This extra large rustic table doubles as desk and conference table when necessary.  The rustic, industrial furnishings are complimented with oversized iron candleholders and a large metal floor lamp that inevitable shed some light on the midnight crunch sessions.


    This office space from Homepolish takes a stab at incorporating bold painted walls that also serve to sooth, and they succeed quite well. The tone of these sea foam walls have just enough pigment to be bold, but are soft and subtle enough that they won't give you a huge headache by the end of the day. Keeping the furnishings cohesive in a dark walnut, and choosing a neutral area rug help to compliment the wall color instead of combat it.


    This masculine office space is packed to the brim but has the appearance of extreme organization.  Oversized bookshelves keep things off the desk and floor, and adding art that overlaps between the bookshelves makes them feel more permanent and purposeful.  The subdued, neutral palette of cream, black, bronze and gold are very fresh and crisp feeling and serve to keep the calm feeling in the space.  Too much color here would overwhelm this space.  The final touches in this office space form Carrier & Company that I love are the mounted antlers and prominent brass table lamp, which add elements of carefree fun to an otherwise very straightforward space.


    This charming mid-century office space from Dwellings and Decor has minimal lines, subdued pops of color and a showstopper woven ceiling pendant that is enormous but at the same time light as a feather. If want to have a gallery wall in your work space, emulating this one above is the way to go. If you put up distracting and loud images you will only be looking up at your wall rather than at your work.  Use simple and minimal art that compliments your space as opposed to becoming the focal point of your space.


    Now its time to address the fun and funky office space, like this awesome one from Homepolish. If you are not easily distracted and work best in a creative and quirky environment why not go all the way with it? This awesome wallpaper lets anyone who is entering or working in this office space that it's a fun zone where collaboration and conversation are very welcome.  If you are nervous to go the distance with wallpaper like this, try it on a small wall, hallway, common area or even on the inside of a bookshelf and see how you feel first.  


    Finally let's talk about some small space solutions.  Here, Homepolish shows us that lacking space doesn't mean you have to compromise on style an functionality.  Making room for both a guest seating area as well as shelving is made possible with the addition of the removable ladder.  Bring the ladder around to access files and office supplies stored high up and slide the ladder to the side when you have clients or guests in your office and want to have a more casual conversation with them. 

    What updates are you going to try on your office space?

    Image credits: Elle Decor, HomepolishCarrier & Company, Dwellings and Decor

  • Six Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen With Artwork

    While you may institutionally place art in the living room, bedroom and often times the dining room, you may not always think about the kitchen in this way. Art is a great way to enhance your kitchen design and I'm goings to show you how.

    Enhance Your Kitchen

    Wall art works particularly well in a kitchen where the design is mostly functional. Abstract art in particular because you need not worry about whether the subject matter is appropriate. There’s also lots of leeway with color palette, without getting cutesy.

    This clean white kitchen, which was actually part of The Design Files Open House sale last year, is punctuated with fun pops of color, from the counter stools to the dinnerware. A pair of prints featuring pastel shapes are hung high on the wall, providing relief from the dark mass of the shelf.

    Straightforward abstracts are great for adding color and interest to a kitchen without necessitating contemplation. “Geometric Color VII” would look even more crisp in a minimalist, contemporary space, perhaps drawing on colors from an adjacent room. “Abstract Black White Strokes” would add a bit of texture and grounding black to an either all white kitchen or one done in wood, and “Sometimes II” by Jaime Packard would work well in a classic white kitchen, or even one with accent colors on the island or backsplash.

    Photos For Kitchens

    The kitchen of Australian photographer, stylist, buyer, and seller Kara Rosenlund’s 19th-century cottage is inspired by bakeries and butcher shops. Functional materials and salvaged bits work with the bones of the house, while the clean palette makes fresh.

    The oil portrait that leans against the backsplash plays on her love for vintage elements with character, and provides a focal point beneath the open shelving display of white dinnerwares. Although the subject may not be anyone important, he seems to belong.

    Portraiture adds personality to a space, especially to the kitchen where personal touches can be scarce. A black and white photograph, like that of “Marilyn Monroe Dining”, which is an instant conversation starter. Artist Michelle Oxenberg's “Look Up” brings in color, without the commitment to a full-on face, while the stylized piece, “Woman's Face Sketch II”, is a delicate touch that subtly infuses emotion.

    Landscape Art

    Brazilian architect Mauricio Arruda’s apartment in São Paulo is filled with rich color and an abundance of varied artwork, kitchen included. The celadon tile takes cues from the adjacent rich turquoise dining room. The black and white landscape photo that hangs there is a bit moody, matching the black countertop and appliances, without distracting from the whimsical mid-century modern clock and unexpected placement of knives.

    Landscapes always suit a kitchen, especially when a real view is absent. The acid colors of “Summer Breeze” would enliven a traditional white wainscoted kitchen. The framed diptych “The Tree”, sophisticated but simple, is easily incorporated into almost any decorative style. A pair of hand painted landscapes called “Morning Meditation” by Madeline Clark would look especially cozy in an antique cottage kitchen.

    Still Life Art

    Still life paintings are another easy genre to incorporate into kitchens, given typical subject matter, like fruit, flowers, and pottery. The kitchen pictured here is a pleasant mix of retro (the Smeg fridge), industrial (the stainless steel countertops and bare lightbulb), elegant (the glasses and dishes), and earthy (the artwork).

    “Arrangement II”, a limited edition piece signed and numbered by artist Olivia Maxweller, brings a burst of color, as well as texture thanks to its vigorous brushstroke.
    “Winesap Apples” pictures a time-honored subject that never goes stale, and “Still Life with Green Apples”, channels Europe with its Italian-style earthenware jugs.

    Modern Animal Art

    The classic white kitchen of blogger Centasational Girl is imbued with subtle ocean hues thank to her collection of watercolors, including a green and yellow owl. Instead of arranging an entire menagerie, she ties the pieces together through color and an overall nature theme. Crockery in the glass-front cabinets echoes the colors of the artwork.

    “White Horse” canvas print can be serious or silly, deeding on your interpretation. It’s a nice touch in a suburban home. The “Pelican” canvas is a cute piece for a cottage at the beach, while the "Hare Maison” would lend French flair to a rustic country house with a oil-rubbed wood dining table and mismatched plates.

    Typographical Art

    This 1920s loft in Milan, Italy, formerly a glazing factory, was renovated by Studio B + M. The finishes are distinctly Italian—sleek and black—but charming, original elements remain, like the fireplace, brick inset, and slanted wood slat ceiling. The simple typographical piece states that this kitchen, despite its well-worn floor planks, is firmly grounded in the 21st century.

    Typographic art can be a fun reflection of the state of your family. “Grand Central Subway”, a giclee print with gloss laminate finish in an inverse black frame isn't just colorful, it might harken back to a busy mom’s past days as a singleton in the city. “Life Hands You Lemons” is a sassy statement on a simple silhouette in high color. “Respect” is perfect for a young family’s kitchen, where so much happens and is learned.

    Image credits: Brooke Holm for The Design Files, Remodelista, Photo by Ricardo Labougle for Casa VogueMikkel Vang for Vogue Living Australia, Censational Girl, Photo by Denise Bonenti for Elle Decoration UK

  • Bringing Spring into your Home with Colorful Furniture

    Can you believe Spring is right around the corner and it’s finally time to warm up our home interiors and add inspirational color? While adding colorful furniture to your interiors can happen year around, this is the time of the year where a renewed home feels essential.

    Colorful furniture is one of the best ways to transform an entire room. Whether you choose a certain style of furniture with warm wood stains or you decide to modernize your home with clean and modern lines with a punch of color, here are a few ways to wake up your interiors with Spring vibes!

    Colorful Furniture

    Bringing your own design style into your home with color:

    Color is one of the few elements in the design world that is inexpensive, quick, and can transform a room instantly with its impact. Furniture is the perfect place to add spring color as it consumes a large portion of your room and you can mix and match subtle colors or you can use spring inspiration like these yellow and pink office furniture pieces from Artistic Designs for Living for a vibrant room.

    If you prefer a more subtle approach to your furnishings then look to distinctive craftsman style furniture and decor where you'll find wood stains such as walnut, cherry, and oak stains. Mixing different eras of furniture is a great design tool that adds layers of interest to your space, such as warm mission style coffee table styles with modern lighting.

    Add subtle color with illuminated fixtures:

    When we think of furniture we often only consider tables and chairs, but lighting goes hand in hand with your furnishings. Not only does lighting add illumination but also it accessorizes your furniture. This Spring, consider adding subtle color with pendant lighting, floor lamps, and table lamps.

    Tiffany Style Chandelier

    This Speckled Glass Tiffany Style Pendant Chandelier is a subtle way to bring color into your room with its multi-color speckled art glass shade in neutral colors that will blend beautifully in any decor. The speckles give it a playful aesthetic that is perfect for Spring inspiration. Everyone has a different design style so it’s nice to have a variety of options from bold color to subtle color that still sparks the eye.

    Affordable ways to bring color into your furnishings:

    If you're on a budget, don’t get put off by expensive furniture and decor, instead opt for affordable but colorful bed linen, throw rugs, and accent pillows to awaken your room.

    Bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens are the perfect rooms to infuse color with accessories that compliment your main furniture. This bedroom from Primacor Designs uses spring color in the upholstered headboard; throw blankets and Bohemian style poufs to add playful color to the room. Choose from Spring colors such as peach, poppy, tangerine orange, yellow, turquoise and even neutral tones of crisp white paired with your favorite spring colors can add a lift to your interiors.

    Colorful Bedroom

    Spring is in the air and therefore it's time to start bringing it back into your home. Whether you love bold color painted furniture or you lean more towards subtlety, there are plenty of inspiring options to choose from.

    Furniture, lighting, and accessories can dig your dull Winter home out of the snow and bring it into a sunny feeling home in no time!

    Image credits: Artistic Designs for LivingPrimacor Designs

  • Unexpected Style: Chandeliers in the Bathroom

    Bathroom Style

    Putting style elements in unexpected places is what makes a space special and personal. One place we all tend to spend a lot of time but sometimes overlook when decorating is the bathroom, especially when it comes to styling with chandeliers.

    If you love to take a long hot bath (that sounds so amazing right now), complete the experience with a chic and contemporary chandeliers in the your bathroom.


    When looking for chandeliers to hang in the bathroom, personally l like something a little sexy, which is why this Chantilly Nickel Jewelry Chain Chandelier is my favorite of the bunch. It gives off mood lighting perfect for a quiet bath with a glass of wine. The Vienna Full Spectrum Essa Chrome and Crystal Pendant Chandelier is fun and full of texture. The black shade and crystals in this Brushed Nickel Black Shade Crystal Chandelier give off an uber-feminine vibe. For something vintage feeling this Possini Ornament Aged Silver 6-Light Chandelier is perfect. If you like something a but more simple and subtle then the Gray Textured Silk Pendant Chandelier is for you. For a little Old Hollywood feel this Tylla Chrome Chandelier oozes luxury.

    Image credit: California home of Dave DeMattei and Patrick Wade featured in Architectural Digest / Photo by William Waldron

  • Mini Pendant Lights For a Colorful Kitchen

    Colorful Kitchen Pendants

    Colorful kitchen pendants will enliven any space and can quite possibly be the cheapest way to create a mini kitchen makeover, ever. The smallest splash of decorative color in the kitchen goes a long way and I found some wonderful images on Coco Cozy that show just how fun a kitchen can be.

    Mini pendant lights are quite simply the jewelry for your kitchen and are perfect over an island or peninsula.

    Red Kitchens

    The red kitchen is vibrant and spicy and should get anybody’s motor going. The same can be said with this Caycee 14" Wide Red Modern Pendant. They are for bold individualists who take chances when it comes to color.

    Traditional Kitchens

    Some may think that brown is not colorful, I disagree. When you pair brown with crisp white and especially in a pattern like this Walt Disney Signature Atelier Bronze Pendant, then your space can pop.

    So many kitchen have brown wood cabinets, so why not enhance them with a bold pendant like the one above. Don’t forget that you can always pop a pendant over a sink if there is the right amount of ceiling height.

    Yellow Kitchen Design

    Yellow has been a classic color in kitchens for ages. It's a happy and cheerful color without needing to be too precious. There is a modern way to make yellow look hip and art glass pendants, like this Verona Collection Yellow Mini Pendant Chandelier is a wonderful way.

    Rustic Kitchens

    Green is the color of nature and thus looks great in a kitchen. The earthy color is fantastic in both traditional and contemporary rooms as can be seen in the old-world kitchen and modern pendant above. Get the look with the Jezebel Radiance™ Lily Kelly Green and White Glass Pendant.

    Photo credits: Cococozy

  • Bold Spring Color For Interior Design

    Spring is just around the corner, can you feel it? The ground is still covered with ice for so many and there’s not a bold Spring color in sight. What we do know though is that Spring will come, earlier for some, but it will come! This doesn't mean we can't implement it a little early in our interior design.

    With the season comes thoughts of color as blooms open to showcase their petals from yellow daffodils to purple hyacinth. Because of Easter, some associate spring with pastels (even I focused last month on those paler hues in a blog post) but there is no rule that states spring color is synonymous with softness.

    Instead, embrace those bolder colors in hues that make a statement and are ones you can enjoy in Spring, when Summer arrives, or when winter comes again.

    Interior Design

    One color we see the much of in spring is green - the leaves and the grass that grow cover the landscape in verdant shades. Bring the feeling of spring indoors by embracing vivid versions of green from kiwi and lime to emerald to Kelly.

    Try this bold Apple Green Porcelain Jar Table Lamp for a pop of greet style. For more lighting style, the Tangier Emerald Green Giclee Shade Plug-In Chandelier has a delicate swag style with bold greet color. The simplest way to incorporate some green into your decor is with decorative pillows, like the Tangle Green 20" Wide Lumbar Pillow. Incorporate some bold green decor outdoors too with this Rachael Set of 2 Tall Green Lantern Candle Holders.

    Yellow Decor

    Yellow is undoubtedly a happy color, synonymous with sunshine, and when paired with gray and doses of green, the three are a welcome combination. Fill your home with spring tulips and freshen with home accessories that possess this cheerful color.

    Try a small color punch with this Yellow and Cream 18" Various Edge Outdoor Accent Pillow. Why not throw a Spring-style brunch with this fun UNO Curry 4-Piece Place Setting. For a subtle, classic piece of lighting, go with the Robert Abbey 22 3/4" Yellow Ceramic and Bronze Table Lamp. Go bold and get some yellow furniture, this angelo:HOME Ennis Golden Yellow Groove Modern Sofa is a fun choice! Welcome your guests with a bright Spring color using this Marrakesh Yellow Indoor Outdoor Doormat.

    Cobalt Blue

    Cobalt, Malibu, Mykonos, Monacco - this mid tone blue is known by many names associated with coastal towns or exotic islands in the middle of the sea. Blue is an appealing hue to most people because it draws from our fondness for water and sky. 

    Cover a large area with bold cobalt with this Comden Collection Westover Area Rug. This Fire Satin Nickel Cobalt Blue Glass MonoRail Pendant is perfect for hanging a few over the kitchen island and adding bold blue to the kitchen. Just want a little bit of blue, try some accessories like this Set of 2 Indigo Blue Outdoor Accent PillowsSilver Coral Icon Candle in Blue Glass or a Cobalt "Not Your Mother's Throw" Cashmere Throw Blanket. For a little more boldness, try the Mykonos Blue Ovo Table Lamp.

    Magenta Home Style

    Magenta and fuchsia are sassier versions of pink, sophisticated and not to be ignored. Accents in the form of rugs, throw blankets like this Valencia Collection Azalea Decorative Throw, bold lighting like the Fuchsia Lido Floor Lamp and the Mini Diamante Fuchsia Table Lamp, or decorative pillows like this Set of 2 Textural Fuchsia Multi 18" Square Throw Pillows will punctuate a space with feminine flair.

    When considering colors to use for your interior design this year, be brave and embrace the bolder hues, ones that draw the eye and say “look at me” especially if your past choices have been mostly neutral.

    Decorating really is all about expressing yourself and having fun - this season do it with bold spring color!

    Image credits: Sara Tuttle, Style at Home, Rachel Reider, Better Homes & Gardens

  • Elegant LED Night Light Table Lamp by Possini

    Looking for both great style and value in a lamp? This elegant LED night light table lamp by Possini has a unique 2-in-1 feature. It's both a beautiful table lamp with an on-trend mercury glass finish, and a night light featuring a concealed LED light within the translucent silvery glass base. 

    Transitional LED Night Light Table Lamp

    Use the night light setting to light up only the base and set the mood with a gorgeous, shimmery glow, or choose a brighter setting for reading. Table lamps for the bedroom are widely available, but this one is especially unique with the addition of the built-in night light. However, its usage certainly isn't limited to the bedroom - as pictured below, this table lamp is well-suited to a traditional or transitional style living room as well. 

    LED Night Light Lamp from Lamps Plus

    The Possini Olde Silver LED Night Light Table Lamp is a true beauty. And with a price of just $149 for two lights in one, its great style, value, and versatility can't be beat. 

    Design Dossier is our monthly series where we share highlights of some of Lamps Plus’ most popular, unique, and interesting lighting choices straight from our showrooms.

  • Design Inspiration - A Bangladesh Wedding


    This month I had the extreme pleasure to be a guest at a friend's wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The whole experience was so inspirational and beautiful I had to share it with all of you in the hopes that you could find some design inspiration in my photos.

    The three-day event was colorful, meaningful, traditional and spectacular. I hope these images, taken by myself and my husband, inspire you to get your creative design juices flowing as they have done so for me.


    The day-time ceremony, also known as the Gaye Holud or turmeric ceremony, took place in an open park next to a lake. Trees were draped in marigold chains as far as the eye could see, and floral peacocks dotted the pathways.  Friends and family were given Traditional Bengladeshi village-style Sarees (for the women) and Kurtas (for the men) to wear for this ceremony.  

    The bride arrived to the event oh-so-fashionably in a traditional Palanquin hoisted up by the grooms friends as the groom holds her hand and walks besides her.

    The style of this ceremony would be the equivalent of a stateside wedding event with fun pendant lighting, like mason jars and wildflowers, rustic wooden tables and burlap runners, homemade pies and small batch beers. The bride wanted to recreate a traditional village celebration similar to the actual village wedding celebration they would have a week later.  


    For the night-time wedding ceremony the true glamour and opulence of a Bengali wedding comes out. Beautiful red fabrics, diamonds, silks, and more flowers that you can imagine drape the wedding stage as the couple exchanges rings and cut the cake. The celebration continued late into the night as near 1,000 guests gave their blessings to the happy couple.

    Whether for an event or for your home design, you can capture the beauty of this wonderful celebration. Warm, rich hues of red, yellow and orange are at the base of this celebration.

    Don't be afraid to embrace color!  Accessorizing is also extremely prevalent. Jewels, flowers and accessories take center stage, and there can never be too much. One of my favorite collaborations was an orchid and rose custom floral ceiling light that hovered over the bride and groom as they cut their cake.

    Are you inspired by this beautiful wedding in Bangladesh?

    Image credits: Allison Rosenberg

  • Bohemian Interiors

    Bohemian Interiors

    Bohemian interiors are extremely liberating as there are no rules to follow and no critics to impress. While there are no technical rules when it comes to mixing pattern and style in the Bohemian home, as in any design scheme, remember that proper balance, scale and lighting must be addressed.

    The Neo Traditionalist had some amazing images of quirky and bohemian interiors that capture this look perfectly.

    Eclectic Interiors

    Most people think that a Boho interior is all about creating an artist’s loft look, and while the loft look can capture the aesthetic, as long as you are creative with mixing interesting materials and create a sense of whimsy and comfort, you will have it made.

    I love how the rooms above mix exotic kilim fabrics with rustic woods and metal lamps that can be used for task lighting in an office or on a bedside table as practical bedroom lights.

    Loft Style

    Another hallmark of the bohemian space is the display of creative endeavors such as music, reading and horticulture. Being surrounded by books, art and plants makes a room feel warm and welcoming. A great way to combine them is to display art on a bookcase as seen above.

    It’s a great look and a good idea to use a decorative clip on light to highlight a print or painting. Most importantly, have fun, as Bohemian interiors are ultimately playful.

    Bohemian Accessories

    Shopping List:

    1. Pillows are the easiest way to add some color, pattern and personality to your space so try this Set of 2 Bedouin Textural Red and Ochre Throw Pillows for your new Boho space.

    2. Too scared to mix patterns on your own, don't worry! There's a lamp shade for that. Add this fun Bohemian Blooms Giclee Lamp Shade for a mix of patterns to a lamp you already own.

    3. Like with the lamp shade, if you're not sure how to mix materials, then just search for pieces that include mixed materials, like this Atlas White Marble Top Jamie Young End Table.

    4. The Robert Abbey Kinetic Antique Brass Pharmacy Desk Lamp is a classic style for any home decor, but the brass is especially perfect for the Boho look.

    5. Try this Tuscany Farmhouse Smoke Trestle Table (currently unavailable) with mismatched chairs for a Boho dining room.

    6. Have fun with your upholstery selections, be brave. Try something like this Amelia Alloy Fabric Club Chair in your living room.

    7. Mix pattern and materials with this Jamie Young Barrel Ikat and Vintage Canvas Buffet Lamp.

    Photo credits: The Neo Traditionalist

  • Industrial Lighting Ideas

    Industrial Lighting Ideas

    I just finished a remodel of a teenage boy's bedroom and I wanted to share the process, including some industrial lighting ideas.

    The request was for a simple space with clean lines and not too much color....a few maps....

    ....and could I please include the math formula PI to the 100th place.

    Pi to the 100th place?

    Of course.

    Done. Done....and oh wait....done.

    Most of the room came from shopping the local farm store for galvanized metal bins....but the lighting? Industrial lighting ideas? I wasn't sure which direction to go for an industrial chic look. I wasn't sure what would say map meets Pi meets galvanized bins....

    ....meets midnight basketball games.

    Nickel Ceiling Light

    I finally chose this industrial cage nickel light.

    I love the lines and the bulbs and the sheen and the patina and the shape and the exterior cage.

    Here's a few more industrial ceiling light ideas I found along the way.


    Bronze Ceiling Light

    The lines of this wide ceiling bronze light fixture are so hipster meets factory warehouse.

    It also looks just like an atom.  Perfect for a math room.

    And the light bulb that comes with it?

    Seriously. :)

    Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light

    If the Jetson's had a light fixture in their house....this would have been it.

    This four light brushed nickel ceiling light from Muse is amazing.

    It mimics the pattern on the mesh trash can and blends perfectly with the galvanized fixtures in the room.

    And the four bulbs provide plenty of light for homework.

    Ceiling Light With Shade

    Here's a little different lighting option for a more traditional look with flair.

    This fixture with its off-white shade and textured linen-look brings a simple classic lines to the room.

    This fixture would transition easily from look to look and room to room and fits with so many different looks.

    Vintage Style Ceiling Light

    And here's one of my favorites.

    This vintage style bronze ceiling light is perfection.

    I love the combination of the cage and drum shade and how they work seamlessly together.

    The room is finished and the president of the PI fan club is happy.

    I love the look of the room and the desk and the orange beanbag chair combined with multiplication and a map of the world.'s time for style and meet homework. :)

    Photo credits:  Thistlewood Farms

February, 2014