Everyone - I would like you to meet and become well acquainted with my new best buddy - Copper!  Brass has been my partner in crime (aka interior design) for the past few years, but I think I may be guilty in the near future or edging out my good friend brass for my new love copper.  

This beautiful, warm, pink hued metal is so versatile, and as you will see below in these inspiring images from Architecture Art Design, copper is making big waves in every room of the house.


These copper kitchen images show the versatility and depth of copper. If you have untreated copper cabinets, natural oxidation causes a beautiful patina over the years.  If you aren't ready to commit to a kitchen full of copper cabinets, exposed copper piping can double as an accessory rack.


This industrial-chic copper task lamp is a simple statement piece and a fun DIY project. Copper piping can be found at any local hardware store, and with a little magic you can have a cool task lamp design for your home office or bedside table.


This copper freestanding bathtub is amazing. There's an element of old world style mixed with a beautiful modernity. Pairing this tub with a vintage red accent rug really brings out the pink undertones in the copper.


This bedroom vignette takes copper to a whole new level. Stunning modern pendant lights are always a lovely start for any room, but it doesn't stop there for this space. Exposed piping, the bed frame and the succulent pots all celebrate copper, while accents like the throw blanket, pillow and shoe get the copper treatment as well.

Are you ready to introduce my new friend copper into your life and home?

Images credit: Architecture Art Design