The bookcase is a staple for good interior design, whether they are built in versions or freestanding ones. Time to ban the boring from your bookshelves and upgrade them with a few fresh ideas, these ideas are sure to add style and make them standout amidst as sea of plain and ordinary.

Picture lights are intended for lighting artword but are also useful in a library, office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else bookcases are present and when mounted to the bookcase itself.

Picture lights are available in several styles and can be hard wired or plug-in versions just as long as the top of a bookcase has sufficient vertical space for the backplate. They add functionality and style, with many options to choose from, including the Renaissance 16" Brass LED Picture Light, Modern Black Picture Lights, Slim Line Bronze Picture Light by House of Troy, and Direct Wire Brass Picture Light by House of Troy.

Picture Lights

Wallpaper will jazz up any bookcase, as seen in this image below from Meyer Interiors. Modern wall paper styles are removable so you need not fret about permanence or the use of glues or adhesives, remove or reposition with ease.

Once installed, get busy styling as the new pattern provides a dramatic backdrop to your artwork, collectibles, and favorite reads like this stylish bookcase by Meyer Interiors.

Wallpaper Pattern

Embellish your own bookcases with these stylish wallpapers, consider geometric motifs like Honeycomb Citron or Gio Silver. Or embrace your love of the outdoors with a botanical like Gold Leaf Peonies Wallpaper.

Stylish Wallpaper From Lamps Plus

The outside frames of a bookcase offer an opportunity to break up the monotony of layers of books and shelves with a decorative mirror. Take a cue from this space featured in Better Homes & Gardens and use the vertical frame as a mount for a small eye catching wall mirror or layer one or two inside shelves displayed in an artistic way.

Decorating Bookshelves

These decorative mirrors are smaller than two feet in diameter so they offer great potential for jazzing up a row of bookcases. The Ashbury 17" Square Gray Wall Mirror by Cyan Design  offers weathered wood tones for beautiful contrast against painted or laquered bookshelves; the dramatic star shape of the Dark Bronze Polaris Wall Mirror by Cooper Classics guarantee your bookcase will be a focal point!

Wall Mirrors

Image credits: Fieldstone Hill Design, Meyer InteriorsBetter Homes & Gardens