The Minimalist Terrace

The minimalist terrace is a way to enjoy your outdoor home design with little fuss or expense. The other great thing is that this look can be achieved on a small scale, so apartment dwellers can have just as much style outside as people with yards.

Both Vosgesparis and Daniellawitte had cutting edge, minimalist home-related images that capture the modern aesthetic and make me want to clean house in a big way.

One thing I have found is that you can be a minimalist whether you like super modern metals and glass or warmer, more traditional mediums like wood and’s just a matter of paring things down.

Outdoor Dining Design

I think the simplicity of this design is successful due to the lack of bold colors and patterns. Soothing whites, brown woods and subtle grays keep things calm but can still be interesting if you play with textures like rough hewn tables and benches, incorporate nubby linen pillows, throws and table linens, and infuse the space with living greenery.

Don’t neglect lighting. Proper lighting like LED landscape lighting and simple outdoor wall lights will allow you to use the space well into the night, making sure the party doesn’t end before its time.

Outdoor Entertaining

Don’t forget that the terrace should be a place to entertain, so having ample seating and surface space is critical.

Again, keep lines simple and colors muted. No doubt, a flowery umbrella over the dining table will probably not work! The great thing about the no fuss terrace is that it gives you times to focus on your friends and family and not on why your hosts has bumble bee placemats and whimsical bird houses.

Outdoor Patio Decor

1. The Howard Elliott Starboard Natural Patio Pillow will soften any outdoor chair or sofa.

2. Keep things bright but stylish with the Hinkley Atlantis Bronze Dark Sky Outdoor Light.

3. I love the weathered Benton Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table for casual outdoor entertaining.

4. Simple, modern and functional defines the Set of 2 Siari Black and Walnut Side Chairs.

5. Outdoor plants are essential and having them in the Set of 3 Gunmetal Square Outdoor Planters is a winning combo.

Photo credits: Vosgesparis, Daniellewitte