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  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween to the design obsessed! Halloween can be interpreted in so many ways. It can be a kitschy, old school affair with plastic decorations, a more autumnal affair with decorative gourds and smiling jack-o-lanterns, or can be a wet-your-pants situation with ghoulish props, severed hands and bloody cauldrons.

    Regardless of your personal Halloween style, there are ways to celebrate the season when it comes to lighting and design. I loved the images provided by The New Victorian Ruralist and the ever popular Martha Stewart.

    Halloween Decor

    For me, I tend to carve the old pumpkin, buy some cider, munch candy corn (the chocolate variety) and fill a bowl with gourds. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year and Halloween, but I don’t have kids which puts me in the “less mess” category.

    I have found a way to introduce a more sophisticated design approach to the holiday. Can’t get enough orange and black but don’t want to scare people away post October? Why not try a Tiffany style lamp in shades of orange, brown and black? Mica Shade lamps also have that Halloween glow but don’t “read” Halloween.

    Halloween Style

    I also think you can incorporate chic black lighting that simply looks elegant but can be dressed up with cobwebs for that once a year ritual. Black chandeliers offer a great design punch over a dining room table and can be outfitted with creamy or white shades if you want to soften the look.

    While Halloween can bring out the kid in all of us, the color scheme can be considered sophisticated and “evergreen” depending upon how it is incorporated in the home. 

    Halloween Style Lighting

    1. The Las Cruces Collection 6 Light Iron Leaf Chandelier is simply a classic.

    2. Try the Besa Anna Habanero Sconce for a haunting glow in hallways or flanking a fireplace.

    3. The Laura Lee Single Light Small Wall Sconce can go haunted house or just plain elegant depending upon how you accessorize it.

    4. Place the Small Steel Wire Basket Fireplace Wood Holder by a roaring fire all fall and winter for a functional spot for logs. You can always fill it with gourds, plastic rats or whatever you think would work best for your Halloween design scheme when October rolls around.

    5. Elegant but can read spooky. The Black Glass Fish Bowl Vase is great for fireplace mantels.

    6. The classic Dale Tiffany Mica Leaves Table Lamp is a design “must have” in the Arts and Crafts home, but can exude a scary glow when little other lighting is available.

    Photo credits: The New Victorian Ruralist, Martha Stewart

  • Survive The End of Daylight Savings With Great Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    There's lots of stylish ways to survive the darker months ahead.

    This weekend is that time of year again, when Daylight Savings will end. But don't worry, there's several different types of great lighting to help you survive these darker months.

    There are both interior and exterior lighting options to offset this painful shift in light and prepare for the longer darkness to come.

    Super Duty

    The new Super Duty Collection from Lamps Plus includes large landscape lighting for outdoor use. These lights not only highlight your landscape during the upcoming darker months, but will also increase your home's security.

    Dusk Till Dawn & Motion Sensor

    If you're looking for a fuss-free way to deal with the darkness ahead, there are some great options such as Dusk Till Dawn lighting and motion sensor lighting.

    The lighting in the Dusk Till Dawn collection is not only attractive, but smart. It uses an internal light sensor to turn the unit off and on with the rising and falling of the sun.

    Carriage Nickel 14 3/4" High Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

    Carriage Nickel 14 3/4" High Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

    Motion sensor security lights are even smarter, turning on only when they sense movement nearby. They are great for high traffic locations as well as general security for your home.


    Since LED lighting has up to 10x more efficiency than standard incandescent lighting, it's a great way to make up for the extra dark hours during this time of year. 

    So don't forget, at 2am on November 2nd, change your clocks and get your lighting ready!

    Image and video credit: Lamps Plus

  • Tips For Decorating With Organic Elements

    Fall is my favorite time of year.

    The air is crisp, clear and cool while the hot chocolate is warm and the fire is toasty. The world smells like pumpkin pie.

    And when the trees don their coat of brilliant colors and the leaves start to fall....'s time to start decorating for the season.

    Create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home by bringing a little of the outside in, like this simple centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens. Organic elements, combined with stylish entertaining decor, such as decorative drink coasters will make your home Fall ready, comfy and stylish.

    Here's a few tips on decorating with organic elements...

    Decorating With Organic Elements

    Decorating with organic elements for Fall.

    1.  Start at the very beginning

    Greet your guests at the door with layers of Fall colors and textures like this incredible urn recently featured in Lonny Magazine.

    Start with decorative planters at the front door and fill them with pine cones, cabbage, branches and foliage.

    Then layer in pumpkins, gourds and grapevine to create one-of-a-kind front door decor.

    Decorating The Entryway With Organic Elements

    Decorating the entryway with organic elements.

    2.  It's all about the wreath

    Sometimes a little Fall decor can make a statement, like this organic element wreath featured in Country Living.

    Create your own with pine cones dipped in gold or spray-painted branches layered with dried hydrangea and magnolia leaves.

    Then hang the wreath on a framed chalkboard or architectural element to warm up a corner your home.

    Gourds Add Lots Of Style To The Fall Home

    Gourds add lots of style to the Fall home. 

    3.  Layer the table

    A dining room decorated for Fall is a sight to behold, like this incredible centerpiece featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

    Wrap gourds with twine and grapevine and place on a bed of dried leaves gathered from the yard.

    Then, add glass jars, cloches and pedestal tables to create a simple, but elegant fall display.

    Beautiful simplicity in a Fall mantel design.

    4.  Create a simple Fall mantel

    There's so much beauty in the simplicity of this Fall mantel featured in Better Homes and Gardens. The wood twigs and leaves practically become art pieces when placed alongside simple white candles layered on wood slices.

    Add an urn or planter filled with greenery, a cup of hot chocolate and you'll have the perfect spot to spend a cozy Fall afternoon.

    Decorating for Fall is easy when you take a little time to decorate with organic elements.

    A mantel or centerpiece created with twigs, branches, pine cones and hydrangea can make decorating a breeze.

    No stress.

    After all, nature has already done all the work. :)

    Photo credits: Better Homes and GardensLonny MagazineCountry LivingBetter Homes and GardensBetter Homes and Gardens

  • Exposed Style: Clear Glass Lighting Ideas

    The Simplicity Of Clear Glass Lighting

    There is beauty in the simplicity of clear glass lighting.

    Clear glass lighting is the epitome of contemporary design. No longer are we terrified of seeing bare bulbs or the elements that make lights work! 

    Take a look at these fabulous images from Desire to Inspire and gain some super chic ideas for how to implement exposed lights using glass light fixtures in your home.

    Bronze And Glass Lighting

    The Minka Camden Square Charcoal Ceiling Light would look amazing in a covered portico or over a front door.

    Because glass cannot hide, structure and design are key to making these light fixtures cool. I love these pure and geometric lights in the images above and below.

    From kitchens and bathrooms to front halls and outside wall mounts, aged bronze or black framed lighting are very “on point” and sport an almost Philip Johnson quality.

    Contemporary Chandeliers

    Have some fun in the dining room with the Sonneman Orb Satin Black Chandelier.

    I’m really loving the steampunk-meets-sputnik look when it comes to lighting. These multi-globe light fixtures are divine in double height stairwells, dining rooms and modern living rooms.

    The quirky design always offers something unique to take in and the multitude of bulbs provide a good amount of light.

    Pendant Lighting

    Stylish kitchen design with clear glass lighting.

    The Sonneman Orb Polished Chrome Mini Pendant above could quite possibly be the perfect pendant, and modern dining rooms will get an upgrade with the Robert Sonneman 3 Light Bubbles Globe Pendant Chandelier.

    Classic hanging pendants in clear glass are quite modern but rooted in groovy 1970s globe lighting. The retro look is not only playful but simply elegant. I love two for the price of one!

    There are even some stylish new Turbina ceiling fans available that feature not only a sleek modern design, but some of which have exposed bulbs as well.

    Photo credits: Desire to Inspire

  • Choosing & Hanging Dining Room Chandeliers

    A few weeks ago, I installed some chic lighting from Lamps Plus in our dining room. It’s amazing how a light fixture can completely change the look of a dining space when you invest in one that makes a statement.

    Any dining room can benefit from a stunning chandelier, whether it's a small breakfast nook or a formal dining room.

    woven chandlelier in dining room

    Tips for choose the right dining room chandelier.

    When choosing and hanging a dining room fixture, keep these five tips in mind:

    1) Style

    Choose a chandelier that appeals to your decor style, not one solely for resale (unless of course you’re staging your home for sale).  A dining room chandelier is an easy fixture to replace and something you can take with you if and when you move.

    It’s perfectly fine to mix styles: industrial, coastal, contemporary, they all work with traditional furniture and vice versa.

    Transitional Style Dining Room With Shell Chandelier

    Transitional dining room with shell chandelier.

    2) Dimensions

    When selecting lighting for a dining room table, it’s more important to size the chandelier to the dining table rather than the room. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your chandelier is one half to two thirds the width of the table.

    A chandelier that is too small for the dining area can look out of place and has little impact.

    Modern Dining Room With Gorgeous Lighting

    Perfectly installed chandelier in a modern dining room.

    3) Hanging Height

    For the proper hanging height, the bottom of the chandelier should be 28" - 34" above the table. It should be low enough to create a focal point in the dining area, but high enough not to interfere with conversation.

    Dining Room Design With Modern Lighting Style

    Dining room design with modern lighting style.

    4) Function

    Your chandelier does not have to be the main source of lighting in the dining room. Wall sconces, lamps, or other overhead lighting should also be part of the lighting design plan.

    Lastly, they don’t need to match, merely complement each other.

    5) Dimmers

    A chandelier that radiates too much heat or light can be uncomfortable for you and your guests. Most designers agree on the importance of dimmer switches. Nothing creates more ambiance than lighting turned down during intimate gatherings.

    These six statement fixtures from Lamps Plus will jazz up your dining room, large or small!

    Chandeliers From Lamps Plus

    Murray Feiss MaaridJonathan Adler MeuriceEdison Multi Bronze BulbPossini Euro Opal GlassPossini Aged Silver 6 LightVanalen Polished Chrome

    Image credits: Jen Langston Design, At Home Arkansas, Terra Cotta Properties, Alice Lane Home

  • Clear Glass Pendant Light by Possini

    Clear Glass Pendant Lights in a Bathroom

    Clear glass mini pendants are a great option in the bathroom.

    Looking for a bright, clean look with just the right amount of elegance? The Possini clear glass pendant light is a stunning choice for any room. Compared to other clear glass mini pendants, this fixture is in a class by itself and works well with traditional or modern themes without being feminine.

    The captivating glass globe surrounding the crystal strings and central halogen bulb create a sparkling illumination and enhance countertops, stainless steel fixtures and appliances. Enjoy the allure of this beautifully designed fixture next to a bathroom vanity or over a kitchen island.

    At under $200 (with free shipping) this clear glass pendant light is an affordable luxury. The high-end finish looks luxe, but this affordable luxury will allow you to purchase multiples.

    Close-up of Pendant Light

    Possini Euro Design is known for contemporary style and European trends.

    Possini Euro Design is known for its fresh and innovative designs and has quickly become one of the most recognized names in modern lighting. Their designs capture a fresh, contemporary mood, offering dazzling visions of light and form.

    With designs sure to be the new centerpiece of any home, the collection offers innovative, contemporary style at its very finest. Inspired by modernity and European trends, these are lamps and lighting fixtures with eye-catching appeal and lasting value.

    Glass Pendant Light

    Possini Encircled Crystal Clear Glass Mini Pendant

     Still unsure? Then consider this review:

    “These lights are very easy to install. I have never installed pendant lights before, so I was apprehensive, but the directions were simple and clear. The lights are beautiful. They add just the right touch of sparkle while providing great illumination. They're a real eye-catcher.” - Sparkle Girl from Chicago

    This post is part of our ongoing Design Dossier series that shines the spotlight on some of Lamps Plus most innovative and popular styles.

    Image credits: Lamps Plus

  • Fall Harvest to Inspire Your Home

    I love a good Fall harvest. Stews, Roasts and long chilly nights actually inspire my interior design eye. Here we pair scrumptious food images from Health with deliciously beautiful interiors from Elle Decor that will hopefully inspire you to take a bite out of design.

    Rutabaga In The Kitchen Can Inspire Home Decor Elsewhere

    Rutabaga in the kitchen can inspire home decor elsewhere in the home.

    I must admit I haven't yet tackled Rutabaga in the kitchen, but the bright red tops and warm creamy bottoms translate into a gorgeous living room that is bold, fun and flirty.

    Parsnips In The Kitchen Can Inspire Home Decor Elsewhere

    Parsnips in the kitchen can inspire home decor elsewhere in the home.

    This library image is monochrome done right, simple and straightforward, but with so much depth and warmth - just what a good bunch of parsnips will do for a platter of veggies on a lovely fall eve.

    The picture light on the bookshelf is a nice detail that adds function to some evening reads.

    Parsnips In The Kitchen Can Inspire Home Decor Elsewhere

    Apple picking season can inspire home decor.

    As you can clearly see, apples come in many different fun, bright colors. Apple picking during a sunny fall day reminds us all of being a kid again.

    The fun, whimsical patterned wallpaper and pops of color feel like a day on the apple picking fields to me.

    Colorful Pomegranates Are A Perfect Color Inspiration For The Home.

    Colorful pomegranates are a perfect inspiration for color.

    The seductive pomegranate is so dark and moody it can only be reinterpreted with this wonderfully ornate fireplace vignette, complete with antique furniture and ornately framed art.

    Squash Can Inspire Home Decor

    Squash can inspire a pretty monochromatic home decor palette.

    I am not exactly sure if this bathroom has any squash coloring or elements in it what so ever, however the lighting in this beautiful photograph was so "squash-y" to me I had to pair them. Deep peach and orange colors come through in the late afternoon sun.

    Grapefruit Is A Perfect Color Inspiration For A Girl's Bedroom

    Grapefruit is a perfect color inspiration for a young girl's bedroom.

    Grapefruit isn't a likely addition to a fall harvest round up since it feels so light and summery, but the season is actually through fall, winter and the beginning of spring. Feel free to use this new knowledge to keep a fun, citrusy vibe in your home through the cold months.  This children's bedroom is bright, bold and juicy just like our surprising winter friend.

    Image credits: Health, Elle Decor

  • Kitchen Design With LED Tape Lights

    The holidays are my perfect excuse to infuse new elements into my home. Specifically, I pay attention to my kitchen design and the demand for more space during the holidays. White I try to create more space, I also want to try new décor opportunities, such as LED tape lights and under cabinet illumination. 

    Kitchen Design With LED Tape Lights

    This holiday season, design your kitchen with LED tape lights.

    This year I’m looking at my home with an ‘evening room’ sensibility. Let’s face it, most grown-ups only get to enjoy their homes after the sun has set. So why not design those rooms we use every evening, like this kitchen from Home Bunch, with nighttime in mind.

    Of course, a favorite way to enhance an evening room experience is with lighting and LED tape lights are a great way to easily achieve functional and ambient lighting. 

    Tape Lights Are Extremely Versatile For All Situations

    Tape lights are extremely versatile for all situations.

    Whether it’s to emphasize art, gently illuminate under cabinets, or add drama to a mantelpiece, tape lights are extremely versatile, and often times a little easier to install than traditional under cabinet lighting.

    The main features of tape lighting are dimmability, installation requirements, and trimmability. Before you shop, let’s talk about the kinds of tape lights and a few more features to consider.

    This flexible LED Tape Light Kit Comes In Red, Green And Blue.

    This flexible LED tape light kit comes in red, green, and blue.


    Why not add a burst of color to your décor this holiday season? If you are dreaming about relaxing on the couch with your family sipping hot chocolate and enjoying a fireplace, go ahead and add a bit of colorful lighting to the mantel.

    Color lighting can change the look of your mantel décor and could be extremely festive with red lighting.

    Control How The Colors Change On Your Tape Lighting With A Remote.

    Control how the colors change on your tape lighting with a stick on puck light.

    Control colors with a remote

    Whether it’s for a holiday party and you’re adding under cabinet lights or along a bar top, color-changing lighting can add an element of fun. Plus a remote control allows you to easily change the colors on a lighting strip, which adds a bit of the unexpected fun for guests.

    If it’s just a temporary light, look for peel-and-stick.

    Tape Lights Add Function And Style To Every Room

    Add function and style to your living room with LED tape lights.

    In-and-out tape lighting

    Not all tape lighting is rated for outdoor use. So if your tape lighting feature isn’t permanent, having that added flexibility means that you can use that same light for your indoor holiday party and again on the 4th of July in your backyard.

    And yes, tape lighting can be perfect to illuminate under a counter or bar top in that outdoor kitchen you’re dreaming about.

    Indoor-Outdoor LED Rope Light

    This indoor-outdoor LED rope light can be connected to create longer lengths.

    Color 16.4-Foot LED Tape Light Kit with Remote Control, FlexForm Hybrid 45.9' Indoor-Outdoor Warm LED Tape LightFlexForm Hybrid 29.5' Flexible Red LED Tape Light Kit

    Image credits: Home Bunch, Amy VermillionHGTV

  • Trend Watch: Woven Pendant Lamps for Every Room

    Woven Pendant Lamps for Every Room

    Woven pendant lamps are great for every room of the house.

    Once exclusively the domain of coastal interiors, woven pendant lights are making an appearance in spaces of all styles. And for good reason!

    Woven pendants bring warmth to interiors ranging from traditional to modern and beyond. They're also versatile enough to suit any room of the house. In the kitchen, Billingram Architect demonstrates how woven lighting can add a layer of texture to a traditional white farmhouse kitchen. While Dwell shows us that a contemporary breakfast bar makes a welcome home for a pair of basket pendants.

    While hanging pendant lighting is always a great options, these lights with added texture provide something special to the design.

    Pendant Lighting Works For A Stylish Office Space And A Dining Room

    Pendant lighting works in a stylish office space and a dining room.

    When it comes to your living and work spaces, woven lighting offers a touch of exotic flair. A simple modern office on Remodelista incorporates a basket chandelier to offset its clean, contemporary lines. And Jelanie Shop highlights the ability of an oversized woven pendant to make a dramatic statement above a dining table.

    Wovens even have a place in the bedroom, with Smitten Studio's refined sleeping space update illustrating that an upholstered headboard and antique Persian rug can pair well with the relaxed vibe of a bentwood pendant. 

    When shopping for woven lighting, look for materials such as rattan, jute, or bamboo, and remember that you don't need to live near the beach to enjoy this look!

    Pendant Lighting From Lamps Plus

    1. Its unique shape as well as a woven texture lends this rattan pendant great visual interest.

    2. A knotted construction adds an extra excitement to this contemporary pendant chandelier.

    3. With this swag pendant you can get the look of the woven trend with the durability of giclee.

    4. For a more tailored look, this drum chandelier combines a tight basket weave with a coordinating trim.

    5. Its lighter jute color makes this basket chandelier perfect for a sunny kitchen or breakfast nook.

    6. A woven pendant light with a rounded bell shape and bronze finish gives any space a pleasing harmony.

    Image credits: Billingram ArchitectDwellRemodelistaJelanie ShopSmitten Studio

  • Interior Design Inspiration from Fall Fashion

    Interior Design Inspiration from Fall Fashion

    It's fun to pull Fall fashion style from interior design inspirations.

    Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, including Pumpkin Spice Lattes (naturally), cool weather, and layered fall fashions. Give me a scarf and jacket and I'm a happy girl! I love fall interior design for the same reason - layering. A room just feels more personal and complete when it's well-layered. 

    Let's take this Fall look above, from Pearls & Twirls, and translate it into a room with stylish decor, warm furnishings and reading floor lamps. This look is great inspiration for interior design since it features these four important elements: color, texture, pattern, and shine

    Interior Design Inspiration from Fall Fashion - Shop the Look at Lamps Plus

    Fall inspired room design with stylish floor lamps and pops of red.


    While subtle, the cream and oatmeal tones in the sweater and scarf provide a rich base for this design. Get the look with this French tufted sofa and linen upholstered wingback chair. Then, add a bright pop of red (inspired by the glossy red nail lacquer) with an oxblood red double gourd table lamp and red faux leather accent pillow


    Chunky cable knits and thermals bring the cozy look of a Fall sweater to this interior design. A creme thermal throw blanket, wool silk area rug, and sweater knit accent pillow invite you to curl up and get comfortable. 


    The plaid scarf brings interest to the outfit, as do plaid accents to this room. The equestrian art with plaid matting add visual interest to this design.


    Every outfit - and every room - needs a little shine! The chic brass drum coffee table and mid-century inspired brass floor lamp echo the chunky statement ring.

    Now grab your pumpkin spice latte, raid your closet and plan out a few Fall fashions. You never know when interior design inspiration will strike!

    If you liked this post, check out these past interior design inspirations from winter fashion and from spring fashion too...

    Image credits: Pearls & Twirls

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