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  • Holiday Themed Decor Inspirations

    It's the day after Thanksgiving and I hope you all had a wonderful meal with family and friends!

    While most of us are lounging around still drowsy from the copious amounts of stuffing we consumed, what could be better than searching for gorgeous and inspiring holiday interiors? Let's go...


    Holiday Themed Decor Inspirations

    There's nothing more fun that finding holiday decor inspiration after a delicious meal.

    While it's probably too late to decorate for Thanksgiving, let's just take a moment to appreciate this stunningly chic and simple dinning room from Sunday Suppers.

    Reclaimed furniture, coinage chairs and minimal dinnerware make the gathered fall leaves strewn across the ceiling grab all the attention in this wonderful vignette.


    Ideas For Hanukkah Decor

    Pretty blue hues for a for Hanukkah decor. 

    The beautiful blue patterns in this bedroom image from International Market Square are a beautiful representation of Hanukkahs rich colors.

    Don't be afraid to mix patterns, like this lovely dotted chaise in front of a beautiful blue lamp and antique vases.


    Stylish Idea For Green Christmas Decor

    Stylish idea for using a pop of green in your Christmas decor.

    This delightfully playful powder room from Simply Modern Home screams Christmas to me because of the amazing green mirror, the youthful wallpaper and hand towels.

    Maintaining a major pop of color by using green wall mirrors in the powder room makes it fresh, fun and perfect for the holidays.


    Using Color For Kwanzaa Style Decor

    Using colorful design for Kwanzaa inspired decor.

    Red, green and black come together perfectly in this Kwanzaa inspired living room from Belle Maison. If you don't want to incorporate too many colors into your permanent decor, using decorative textiles or even fresh flowers to incorporate color is a super simple solution.

    New Year's Eve

    Glamorous New Years Eve Decor

    Glamorous New Years Eve decor using black and gold.

    New Year's Eve is all about glitz, glam and decadence, just like this ridiculously beautiful living room from Style Code. This room is all about the drama, but hopefully your New Year's Eve won't be!

    Image credits: Sunday Suppers, International Market Square, Simply Modern Home, Belle Maison, Style Code

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Lamps Plus! It should be a time for giving thanks, enjoying family and some much needed time off, so enjoy it!

    Many of us, myself included, see it as the start of a holiday marathon of socializing, overeating, shopping and endless travel! I am Type-A so that means the day after Thanksgiving I’m hard at work at my desk with stacks of holiday cards to address and lick.

    But before that craziness begins, take a look at some images from Habitually Chic, which are inspiring for your Thanksgiving decor.

    Thanksgiving Decor

    Those of us who entertain know what goes into making a beautiful home and table. Gearing up for this season can mean a whole host of things to accomplish and believe it or not, lighting is a key ingredient!

    Having a well lit work space means getting through paperwork, billing and card writing with more ease. Swing arm desk lamps could be just what you need. And when it comes to finally taking a load off, or reading Christmas stories to the kids, a stylish reading floor lamp is ideal.

    Photo credits: Habitually Chic, Martha Stewart

  • Farmhouse Christmas Style Design Tips

    Decorate With Farmhouse Christmas Style

    Decorating with farmhouse Christmas style for a warm holiday season.

    The turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce and heaps of mashed potatoes will soon have all been put away.

    And the Christmas season will officially be here.

    The aisles of stores are jammed packed with the latest and greatest in colorful Christmas decor.

    Any style.

    Any color.

    Any design a Christmas decorator could ever want.

    But sometimes....the beauty of Christmas decor is found in the simple traditional bits of whimsy with farmhouse inspiration.

    Feeling overwhelmed this holiday season?  

    Here's a few tips to bring a little farmhouse Christmas style to your decor.

    Simple Christmas Decor

    Sometimes, simple decor is the best decor.

    1.  Trim the Tree

    To create traditional farmhouse Christmas style....start with the tree like the one featured in this beautiful living room from Better Homes and Gardens.

    Keep the decor simple with strands of white lights, grapevine and pine cones. Include family heirloom ornaments and tuck presents wrapped in brown craft paper under the tree.

    Place bowls of tiny wrapped presents for rustic coffee table decor, pull up a comfy side chair and turn on the stylish floor lamp for a long book.

    Farmhouse Christmas Style Mantel

    Simple mantel decor can go a long way to making your holiday home beautiful.

    2.  Decorate the Mantel

    Stockings hung by the fire with care are one of the most beloved traditions of Christmas, like these simple farmhouse stockings from Country Living.

    Decorate your own mantel with handmade stockings filled with gifts and treats for young and old alike.

    Add a basket full of logs, stacks of picture frames and a jingle bell wreath to complete the look.


    Chalkboards are a fun idea for farmhouse style holiday decor.

    3.  Think Outside the Box

    Don't have a mantel to decorate? Why not hang your stockings on a chalkboard or inside of vintage frames...?

    Decorate your sofas and side chairs with rustic style accent pillows for ultimate holiday snuggling.

    Stack your Christmas trees in metal tubs and tuck bingo cards into the branches for a unique one-of-a-kind tree decoration.


    Your entryway should be warm and inviting during the holidays.

    4.  Create a Welcoming Entrance

    Greet your guests with farmhouse flair like this beautiful vignette featured in Country Living.

    Fill a vintage basket with greens and cut small evergreen trees to fill baskets near the entrance.

    Then add a sleigh, boots and stacks of mittens for authentic farmhouse flair.

    Create a simple, welcoming holiday this year with farmhouse Christmas style.

    Deck your halls with greenery, vintage linens and family heirlooms.

    And then sit back enjoy the season. If you listen might even reindeer prancing on the rooftop.

    Photo credits: Thistlewood FarmsBetter Homes and GardensCountry LivingThistlewood FarmsCountry Living

  • Holiday Table Setting Ideas

    An Aerial View Of An Abundant Holiday Table Setting

    Aerial view of an abundant holiday table setting.

    Holiday table settings allow you to let your creativity and sense of personal style shine through. No pressure that your family and friends will probably be judging you!

    Seriously though, most people are truly happy to be invited to somebody’s home for the holiday, and there is no need to go broke trying to impress. Apartment Therapy had some fun images of holiday table settings that are easy and seasonal. 

    Thanksgiving Decor

    Traditional Thanksgiving tabletop decorations.

    Because autumn is all about abundance and thanks, you may wish to decorate your table with natural items like simple sprigs that last longer than flowers or gourds, pumpkins and fruit that can perform double duty and be consumed later.

    While I love the burnt oranges, greens and purples of the season, a cornucopia of nature will not illuminate the space. If you were thinking of upgrading your dining room lights, now would be a good time. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas your dining room may become the real focus of your home.

    Decorative chandeliers can add much needed light and can become the real show stopper during the season, as would wall sconces that can be enhanced with more sprigs and garland.

    Dining Room Design

    Festive Fall dining room decor.

    While most of us may not have the perfect Norman Rockwell family, we can all have picture perfect decor! A key consideration is whether you need table space for platters or whether you will serve on a sideboard.

    If you don’t have much room on the table, bud vases with marigolds, tea lights, mini pumpkins and pears scattered about could look beautiful. If space is not a problem, the sky is the limit, just make sure to keep things natural and earthy, like the season we celebrate.

    Dining Room Accessories

    1. The Brown and White Porcelain Tureen looks like a family heirloom, perfect for holiday gatherings.

    2. The Jardin Fleuri Songbird Bronze Metal Votive Holder is a space saver that adds just the right amount of twinkle.

    3. Keep things natural looking with the Quorum Ashford 6-Light Provincial Chandelier.

    4. The color of Thanksgiving is captured in the Rachael Ray Cucina Pumpkin Orange Garbage Bowl.

    5. Illuminate your turkey and cranberries on your sideboard with the Barley Twist Table Lamp.

    Photo credits: Apartment Therapy

  • Silver and Gold Bedside Lamps

    “Silver and gold, silver and gold…” are the lyrics to a classic Christmas song but not just to be hummed about during the holidays. Silver and gold are timeless metallic sheens on lamps that add polish and glamour to any bedside table or nightstand.

    Patterned or textured fabric, soothing or bold paint - both add style to a bedroom space, but metallic lamps in brass, nickel, gold leaf, or mercury glass will add that finishing touch. Introduce a silver or gold table lamp to your bedroom space, one you’ll admire every day and appreciate each evening when you finally turn out the light.

    Silver and Gold Bedside Lamps

    Silver and gold table lamps dress up any bedside.

    Gold Table Lamps

    The same faceted Ripley Gold Lamp featured in the bedroom above is available at Lamps Plus. I recently bought the same for my own bedroom project! It’s chic geometric shape and gold finish are very on-trend.

    Introduce a Greek key motif with the Philadelphia Gold Leaf Lamp, or another historic shape with the Possini Obelisk Lamp. The gilded beauty of the Gold Lattice Cylinder Lamp is enhanced by the diagonal geometric pattern in ivory. Add golden beauty to a bedside with the matte sheen on the Uttermost Brushed Brass Lamp or perhaps a brighter glow with the Gold Rodeo Drive Table Lamp

    Gold Table Lamps From Lamps Plus

    Polished nickel, steel, and chrome metals are aesthetically cooler than the warmer look of brass or gold leaf. But what those metals lack in warmth they make up for with their sophisticated reflective finish, one that will enhance bedroom spaces from cottage to cosmopolitan. Silver table lamps are an elegant addition to any bedroom design.

    Silver Table Lamps Flanking Beautiful Bedsides

    Silver table lamps beautifully reflect the room's decor.

    Silver Table Lamps

    Achieve the same elegant look above with the Possini Slim Gourd Table Lamp. Either the Silver Leaf Hammered Cylinder Lamp or the Stiffle Antique Nickel Urn Lamp will add a classic geometric shape to your beside table. As an alternative to a lamp, consider a wall mounted sconce like the Possini Reading Swing Arm Wall Light or the Euro Design Circles Plug In Lamp. The Gooseneck Desk Lamp also makes a great reading light and saves energy too!

    Silver Table Lamps From Lamps Plus

    Mercury glass table lamps add alluring shimmer and shine to a bedside chest. Mercury glass or mirrored finishes are glamorous in any season, and act as a focal point as they reflect light throughout the room.

    Elegant Bedroom Design With Mercury Bedside Lamp

    Elegant bedroom design with a mercury bedside lamp.

    Mercury Glass Table Lamps

    A wider jug shape of the Arteriors Mercury Glass Table Lamp makes a statement on any larger scale nightstand. Add a trio of shapes with either the Illusion Mirrored Glass Modern Table Lamp or the Triple Gourd Table Lamp. Shimmer and shine are not be ignored in the design of the Robert Abbey Wavy Lamp, the Cardinal Table Lamp, and the Bartlett Table Lamp.

    Mercury Table Lamps From Lamps Plus

    Whatever sheen you prefer, be it silver, gold, or mercury glass, sophisticated elegance is guaranteed with any of these lovely bedside lamps!

    Image credits: Emily Henderson, Jacquelyn Glass & AssociatesThe Elegant Abode

  • Finding the Perfect Kitchen Pendant Light

    Finding the Perfect Kitchen Pendant Light

    Finding the right kitchen lighting can do more than add style to your kitchen.

    Kitchen lighting is an essential component to any successful kitchen design. This type of task lighting is necessary because you don't want to accidentally chop off your fingers of course. But stylized kitchen lighting is also important for both aesthetic and creating a glow that will make the dinner you slave over more enticing. 

    There are so many types of mini pendant lights for kitchens. Let's take a look at different styles and shapes with beautiful inspiration images from Elle Decor to find the perfect kitchen pendant lighting for your home.

    Chrome Pendant Lights In A Modern Kitchen

    Chrome pendant lights in a modern kitchen.

    This understated kitchen has immensely high ceilings that are begging for a visual accent. Modern chrome pendants sparkle and draw the eye up to accent the awesome ceiling height.

    A darker pendant could potentially feel heavy and weighted, which would do nothing to show off the airy expanse of this beautiful kitchen.

    Glass Pendant Lights For Small Spaces

    Glass pendant lights are great for small spaces in kitchen design.

    This fun, eclectic kitchen has the perfect corner for a funky mini kitchen pendant. Because the sink is so close to the wall, upper cabinets are out.

    Adding a Moroccan-inspired glass pendant plays off the lack of substance over the sink and creates an oh-so-cool sink vignette.

    Metal Pendant Lighting Can Dress Up Any Kitchen

    Metal pendant lighting can dress up any kitchen lighting.

    White cabinets and dark counters create a beautiful contrasting kitchen like the one above. Installing mini metal pendants that pop in front of the white upper cabinets is a beautiful way to incorporate the contrasting color theme into your lighting plan.

    Mixed Lighting Sizes For A Large Kitchen

    Mix up the sizes for your kitchen lighting.

    Firstly, can I move in to this dream kitchen, please? Secondly, how clever is it that they mixed both large scale design pendants with mini kitchen pendant lighting? High ceilings and an industrial modern feel make this kitchen a true showstopper.

    Image credits: Elle Decor

  • Wool Blanket Style for Warm Winter Decor

    Wool Blanket Style for Warm Winter Decor

    Wool blanket style can easily translate into home decor.

    It's no secret that the worlds of fashion and interiors often inspire each other, but the crossover between the two is usually in the form of abstract influences such as color palettes and materials. Yet this fall and winter we're seeing a direct influence of home design on fashion, in the form of blankets being worn as scarves and coats! 

    As shown by Amanda Doll Sheppard, it's all part of a wave of cozy indulgence that's as comfortable in the bedroom (La Dolfina), the living room (Country Living) or on the street!

    Fashion Influencing Home Design

    As Pennyweight shows, blankets are just the beginning. Pillows made from blankets can also be incorporated into a space for a relaxed boho sensibilty. Brass floor lamps continue the warmth throughout the rest of the design.

    Meanwhile, Modern Hepburn demonstrates that an oversized blanket scarf can soften an edgy look.

    Below, Ultra Linx illustrates how blankets in the bedroom can play the same role. Finally, Domaine Home gives us a lighter take on the trend with a graphic blanket draped over a neutral-hued bedding vignette. No matter what your aesthetic there are cozy blanket style options for you!

    Pillows And Throws

    Here are some cozy home textiles to help you get the look!

    1. A plaid throw pillow gives a wintry look to any sofa or bedroom setting.

    2. The waffle knit of this orange throw blanket feels at once luxurious and inviting.

    3. Their wool fabrication and rich red hues make these woven throw pillows extra snuggle-worthy!

    4. A cable knit throw blanket in a rich plum color adds both texture and sophistication.

    5. A houndstooth throw blanket provides a nod to traditional tailoring.

    6. The pattern on this duo of geometric throw pillows has a global feel to it.

    Image credits: Amanda Doll Sheppard, La Dolfina, Country Living, Elise JosephModern HepburnDomaine HomeUltra Linx

  • Nighttime Curb Appeal With Outdoor Lighting

    At night, lighting can have the most impact when it comes to your home’s curb appeal so I'm here to help you with some beautiful outdoor lighting ideas...

    As you can imagine, Winter is that magical time of year when we allow ourselves to eat a bit more, drink a bit more and decorate with lighting a whole lot more! My family spends several evenings in December driving around to look at the ‘twinkle lights’ throughout Philadelphia. I’m always in awe of the beautiful and ingenious displays.

    A Home at Nightime with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

    Curb appeal lasts through the night with LED lighting.

    There’s so much inspiration to be taken from these seasonal lighting designs that can carry us through with tons of visual delight.

    Some of the most popular ways designers use light on a home’s facade are with uplighting, accent lighting, spotlighting and flood light fixtures.

    Night View of Trees and Shrubs Outdoor - Landscape Lighting Ideas

    There's lots of beautiful options for outdoor lighting in style.

    Before shopping for exterior lighting, it’s important to think about these few elements.

    1) What’s the point of the light? Enhancing your home’s architectural and landscape can require different lighting than if you are attempting to provide extra security.

    2) How will people view what’s being lit? Think about spacing, setbacks, and how much light you may need to achieve your desired affect. Spacing between lights can create a scallop-look, which can be something you desire or not.

    Super-sized Flood Light Fixtures

    This super-sized bronze LED flood light produces a warm color temperature light.

    Landscape LED flood lights provide larger properties with a broad, uniform illumination over broad areas like an entire wall, and are usually setback farther than other kinds of lights. 

    White Three Battery Powered LED Adjustable Spotlight

    This LED spotlight is dimmable too.

    If you want to bring the same kind of spot lighting indoor, a battery-powered LED adjustable spotlight offers the versatility to change the way you are lighting your home's interior. 

    Lighting your home’s facade:

    Creating amazing uplighting for your home is easier with solar and battery-powered lighting options because they eliminate the need to run an extension cord. Options for wired lighting are still ok, but preferably for long-term solutions. You can just make it part of your landscape planning.

    It’s always easier to make changes and enhancements to a home when the trenches are dug or the walls are open.

    For even more information on outdoor lighting, read my recent blog post Going Beyond Style For Outdoor LED Lighting...

  • Create a Cozy Reading Nook

    How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook

    There's nothing better - especially in the crisp fall and winter weather - than curling up in comfortable spot with a good book. To create a cozy reading nook at home, you'll need 4 basic pieces: something to sit on, something to rest your feet on, the perfect reading lamp (this is key!), and a surface for your book and coffee cup (because - obviously - there will be coffee). 

    Reading floor lamps are essential to a reading nook because they create ambiance and also prevent eye strain. Look for styles that are adjustable, and that have multiple lights so you can create the perfect lighting scenario. I'm personally fond of lower light levels for reading (and plug-in floor dimmers can help with that), but if bright light is your thing, take a look at Light Blaster floor lamps that may better suit your needs.

    I've rounded up five different "reading nook looks" in a range of styles, from ultra-glamorous to cool and edgy. Which one would you choose?

    How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook at Lamps Plus

    GLAM: Recline in high style and read the latest gossip mag with a generously proportioned microfiber chaise, a classic Pharmacy-style floor lamp in luxe brass, a glamorous mirrored accent table, and a gold cheetah pillow with a subtle, sexy animal print.

    POSH: A tailored linen tufted armchair is the perfect place to park and peruse your favorite periodical. Pair it with a sleek adjustable contemporary floor lamp, a pair of polished nickel and black mirror nesting tables, and a super chic silver fox pouf ottoman.

    GIRLY: Create a feminine and romantic reading nook with a petite smokey amethyst chaise, an elegant alabaster glass task floor lamp, a delicate iron and glass accent table, and a beaded accent pillow.

    MASCULINE: Hey there, handsome. Get this look with a regal leather wingback chair, an industrial bronze floor lamp, an embossed cherry accent table, and a global-inspired kilim pouf ottoman

    EDGY: Even the rock stars among us need a comfortable place to put their feet up and browse the latest bestseller. This classic chaise lounge has an unexpected touch of edge - zebra-print upholstery on the back. A contemporary black LED floor lamp, unique glass and bentwood accent table, and punk rock zebra pillow complete this reading nook with a razor-sharp design edge.

    So what are you waiting for? No matter your style, it's a cinch to create a cozy reading nook.

    Image: A Home with Heart

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