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  • White Ceiling Fans for the Living Room

    White Ceiling fan in a Country-style living room

    Close your eyes and picture your perfect oasis of a living room. Ceiling fans probably aren't at the top of your list when designing all the furniture and accessories for your space. 

    Ceiling fans have gotten a bad rap over the years, however with styles getting sleeker and more stylish, the options are starting to broaden.

    Stylish white ceiling fans can disappear into crisp white ceilings, but add that little bit of natural air flow that will make your space feel complete.

    After all, who could resist the above living room from Boxwood Clippings, complete with lightly blowing ceiling fan. Lets take a look at some more beautifully chic white ceiling fans for the living room.

    White Ceiling Fan in a Monochromatic Living Room with Coffered Ceiling

    The space above is classic and contemporary. Soft colors and warm natural woods make this Home Bunch living room look beautiful yet approachable.

    The gorgeous coffered ceiling draws so much attention but you hardly notice the white ceiling fan smack dab in the middle.

    Painting the ceiling a pure white that perfectly matches the fan will have this disappearing effect that totally works for the space.

    White Living Room with High Ceilings and Exposed Beams in White with Ceiling Fan

    When you have a vaulted ceiling as high as this Home Bunch beauty it only makes sense to include a ceiling fan.

    The white architectural and oversized drop support accents the high ceilings and beams and circulates the air way up there. A natural slow breeze in a room this large helps to move stale air and gives the room a fresh feel.

    White Ceiling Fan in a Beautiful White and Turquois Living Room

    Another way to accent pitched ceilings with beams is to place a ceiling fan directly on the center of the beam, like they did in this House of Turquoise stunner.

    It is more cost effective of an installation and again totally disappears into the ceiling. The exposed bulb of this fixture matches with the country chic furniture and feels easy and approachable.

    A pair of white ceiling fans in an all-white beach house living room

    I want to dive into this beachy living room from House of Turquoise and just melt away with the summer days. Most beach houses forgo traditional cooling systems since the ocean air does most of the work.

    However, a beautiful ceiling fan, or pair of ceiling fans, is the perfect way to cool down on those extra hot days and bring in the crisp night air.

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  • Smart Desk Lamps with Built-in USBs for Under $100

    ...Small space, big style with desk lamps that do more than just light up a desk

    A home office set-up with a desk lamp that has a built-in USB

    I’m a fan of anything that does more than one thing. Maybe it’s because we are all expected to successfully manage more than one thing, or two things, or even five.

    So when I spied desk lamps for under $100 that have built-in USBs, I smiled because I love a lamp with a USB port and under $100 is just a great deal. 

    We have an almost-daily-dilemma of looking for a way to charge some device. If you aren’t wasting time on this simple problem, you are a lucky duck to not be beholden to the charge status on a tiny piece of technology.

    As a mom, I need to be on top of the charge status of everyone’s devices. (Definitely not a third-world-problem.)

    I have a phone case that has an 100 percent charge. I have a portable charging block that has two charges. I have a few outlets in the house that are actually USBs instead of a regular outlet. And then there are the charging cubes, computers….

    And I’m still looking for a place to charge one or more of our devices.

    So it seems excessive, yet so lovely, to have a desk lamp with USB port. I found five desk lamps that meet a range of style needs, but are also all under $100.

    USB + style + under $100 = happy lighting shopper

    I’d love to know what you think of these picks, and if the USB is really a necessity, or an indulgence for the less-than-organized. Share your thoughts in the comments below. -T

    5 lamps with USBs for under $100

    1. Glancing at the selection of desk lamps might make you wonder, where the little USB lives. Here’s a close-up on the USB port on #4.

    It’s hard to see the little USB on most of these desk lamps, which is perfect to me. I like my technology a bit more discrete on a more traditional-looking design element.

    2. The Dato II has 27 LEDs, calendar, thermometer, alarm, dimmer, USB, and only uses 10 watts of energy. It’s a sleek desk lamp that could even work nicely bedside, too. If only it made coffee too, it would become my best tech friend.

    3. If you are looking for a little desk lamp that has a bit of pizzazz but still quietly demure and traditional in profile, this Flesner lamp might be what you are looking for. It has a USB port and plug, a pull switch, and a pretty little white shade.

    4. A graceful little desk lamp, the Nikola Modern USB desk lamp is 23 ¾” tall which can be a perfect size for a desk, side table, or end table. With the integrated USB port in the base, this lamp can seamlessly fit inside most transitional rooms.

    5. If you liked the features of the Dato II, you might have a hard time picking between that one and the Zeke. More than just an LED desk lamp, the Zeke Compact Portable LED Desk Lamp with USB Port has a calendar, clock, thermometer, flashlight, and can operate on a battery that lasts up to 5 hours.

    So you can take this desk lamp that folds into an 8-inch-by2-inch-by-1 ¼-inch cube virtually anywhere you want to work. Talk about taking the work-at-home-but-really-works-at-the-coffee-shop set-up to the next level.

    6. If someone says that all desk lamps with integrated USBs look sleek and futuristic, show them the Corey Swing Arm Desk Lamp with USB Port. It’s a traditional style swing arm desk lamp with a faux leather lamp shade, and a USB in the base. 

    Image Source: Lamps Plus

  • 6 Small Living Room Design Tips

    Just because your living room is on the small side doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Here are some small living room design tips to help your small room be big on style:


    A tangerine colored living room with large graphic patterned sofa

    You don't have to stick to a neutral color palette just because your living room is small. Use bright color and interesting patterns to liven up a room.  Keep your palette limited or else it can become a bit overwhelming.


    A modular sectional sofa works well in a small living room design

    Many people believe that a small living room should stick to small furniture. This isn't always the case! The right modular sectional sofa can accommodate all your seating needs and will eliminate the need for multiple pieces of small furniture, which can make a room feel crowded.

    Multi-Purpose Furniture

    Glam living room with mirrored nesting tables and coffee table with an intricate chrome base

    Multipurpose furniture is another key component of small living room design. Items like storage ottomans are great because they provide all-important storage space as well as additional seating.

    Nesting tables are also perfect in a small space. The nested tables can move around when and where you need them and can be put back when you're done.

    Area Rugs

    A small living room with simple furnishings and a light colored area rug

    A pretty area rug helps define a space and make it feel larger and a light colored area rug will really open up a room. It's important to make sure the area rug is the right size. A too-small area rug will actually make a room visually contract. A good rule of thumb is that at least the front feet of your furniture is on the rug.


    A small living room with dark teal walls and a series of round antiqued mirrors over a blue velvet sofa

    Mirrors are a fantastic way to make a small room seem larger. Place a mirror behind a light source like a stylish pendant - not only does it look pretty, but it helps bounce more light around the room.

    Hang a mirror across from a window if you can - it creates the illusion of another window while maximizing the available natural light.

    You can never go wrong with a great big mirror, especially in a small living room. A large mirror, like a floor mirror, will magnify the beneficial effects of a mirror.

    Think Vertical

    A chartreuse green living room with crystal chandelier

    In a small room, it is important to draw the eye upward to give the illusion of a larger space.This can easily be achieved by hanging an eye-catching chandelier.

    Hanging window treatments as close to the ceiling as possible (instead of just above the window) also gives the illusion of extra space.

    Follow these six simple tips to design a small living room that feels anything but diminutive!

    Image Sources: HGTV; Forbes; Lamps Plus; Lamps Plus; House & Garden UK; Lamps Plus

  • Find Room Design Ideas on!

    Find Room Ideas - Lamps Plus Shop by Room

    Have you ever decided to design or re-design a room and felt stumped and can't figure out where to start? Shop by Room may be the help you've been looking for!

    Urban living room design ideas with items available for purchase from Lamps Plus

    Lamps Plus has hundreds of inspiring room ideas for you to peruse. Find ideas for these rooms in Shop by Room:

    • Bathrooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Dining Rooms
    • Entryways
    • Hallways
    • Kitchens
    • Living Rooms/Great Rooms
    • Offices
    • Outdoor Living

    Many of the items featured in room scenes are available for purchase.

    Shop by Room regularly adds new images and products to inspire you, and the best part is that we do all the work and you get all the credit!

    Be sure to check out the Lamps Plus YouTube channel for more design tips and ideas.

  • Lighting in Small Bedroom Design

    Lighting in a Narrow Bedroom

    Lighting in small bedroom design is one of the easiest design projects, ever. My new obsession is Remodelista which had fabulous pictures of smaller scale bedrooms that showed a wide array of lighting options that could be applied to your own home.

    Small Bedroom Lighting Examples

    Let’s face it, bedrooms can serve a multitude of functions and having the right lighting is key. Small bedrooms with small nightstands should naturally have beautiful table lamps that don't take up much space. But, if you have a super wee bedroom, you may wish to think outside the box.

    If surface space is scarce, pendant lights are an ideal solution. Hanging pendant fixtures from the ceiling is really quite easy with plug-in swag pendants and adds a modern look to the room. Not only is it unexpected, it’s a good way to light the room and take up very little space.

    Space-saving Lighting Examples

    Two other options are space savers as well as functional. Floor lamps are a great option in small bedroom design if you don’t have room for bedside tables, as are swing arm lamps. Floor lamps take up virtually no room and will offer better overall lighting, while the wall lights will create better task and reading light.

    After making sure the room is super stylish, your overall goal should be a combination of lighting options which is very easy to make happen even if your bedroom is short on space.

    Modern Lights for Bedrooms

    1. Whether on a desk or nightstand the contemporary Lite Source Halogen Counter-Balance Arm Desk Lamp is modern yet timeless.

    2. No worries if you have no room for bedside tables, look up with the George Kovacs Clear Glass Mini Pendant Light.

    3. Try the sleek Sputnik White Reader Touch LED Floor Lamp in lieu of bedside tables and lamps.

    4. A bedside table lamp like the classic Arteriors Home Kristie White Glass Bottle Table Lamp is a good looking basic.

    5. Free up nightstand surface space if you mount the plug-in Regina-Andrew Arc 21" Metal Wall Sconce.

    Photos: Remodelista.

  • Interior Design Fun with Stripes

    Nursery interior design featuring a yellow and white striped ceiling

    Stripes, Stripes everywhere, the more the merrier! There is nothing that combines fun, sophistication and style like a good stripe in interior design. As you can see here, you can put stripes just about anywhere and they will hit big and make a great statement.

    Apartment Therapy images help inspire us to explore the wonderful world of stripes, and will hopefully inspire you to stripe up your decor!

    A hallway, bathroom and nook that incorporate striped into their design

    One of the most common places you will see a stripe accent in interior design is on the wall. The images above however, take it one small step forward in terms of design and application.

    Tiling your powder room with a stripe that is perfectly in line the vanity is elegant, slightly vintage and totally beautiful.

    Have an extra closet in the house you're not using? Remove the doors and tuck a twin mattress inside hidden by a thick pair of drapes. Accent the small space with light stripes to add visual impact without shrinking the space for the perfect getaway nook.

    Outdoor spaces with striped floors

    Ready for the ultimate visual impact? Striped floors welcome people into your home with gusto and character. Whether you actually lay varying wood planks, or tape off the floors and add stripes with paint, the end result is immensely graphic and attention grabbing.

    Chic home decor in a stripe pattern brings an amazing graphic punch to any room you style. From the area rugs on the floor up to the striped roman shades hanging just under the ceiling, stripes can be applied anywhere.

    Want to do something a little out of the box? Make your stripes out of two complimentary colors instead of the classic mixture of color plus white. A beautiful blue and green area rug and wall treatment feels so perfectly dainty yet designed.

    Image Source: Apartment Therapy

  • Unique Kitchen Island Design

    Kitchen island design with bar height stools and glass pendants

    A vital part of  the design plan when it comes to your kitchen is the kitchen island design. When I renovated my old house, the number one thing on my wish list was creating my dream kitchen.

    To me, that meant classic style including marble counters, wood floors and a farmhouse sink, all centered around an island where my friends and family could gather.

    Almost anything goes when designing a kitchen island. Whether you decide to go with classic materials or a taller island where you can gather lots of bar height stools there is something for everyone.

    An antique chest of drawers converted into a kitchen island

    An antique chest of drawers adds character to this white kitchen as well as extra storage.

    A double-sided kitchen island with chrome and wood bar height stools

    A double-sided island allows for an easy flow of conversation and can replace the need for a kitchen table.

    A portable stainless steel cart used as a kitchen island

    Don’t think you have enough space for an island? A stainless steel cart on wheels can be moved in and out of the kitchen as needed and the open shelves are perfect for storing everyday items.

    Unique kitchen island design with a live-edge wooden counter and turquoise base

    The kitchen island design above is the focal point of the kitchen with a live edge counter and a pop of fun color.

    A square, white-washed kitchen island with extra-large scale linen pendant above

    Islands can take on any shape to fit the space, as can be seen from this small square island with a dramatic light fixture centered above.

    A narrow white table-like kitchen island with turned legs and lower shelf for storage

    Can’t find it? DIY it and build your dream island to perfectly suit your needs.

    How would you design your dream kitchen island?

    Image Sources: Eclectically Vintage; DIY Showoff; Better Homes & Gardens; Dear Lillie; The White Buffalo Styling Co.; Country Living; Rain on a Tin Roof

  • Fabulous Foyer Design

    A bright foyer design with white lacquer console table and large wall mirror

    How does the saying go?  You only get one chance to make a first impression?  This idea totally applies to foyer design.  

    Your foyer is the first thing your guests will see when they come into your home, so don't ignore it or have it be an after-thought when designing your home.

    If you live in a house you may use the door to the garage for your everyday comings and goings, but if you're an apartment dweller, a beautiful foyer will allow you to enjoy your comings and goings that much more.

    A well-designed foyer is a great opportunity to display your personality or give a little taste of what's to come in the rest of the home.

    A foyer with grasscloth-covered walls, mirrored console and a pair of glass table lamps

    Mirrors are a great addition to a foyer - they open up a space and add a luxurious feel. Beautiful wall mirrors create the illusion of extra space and reflect natural light, which is great if your entry is on the small side.  

    Make sure the size of the mirror is in proportion to the space or the piece of furniture it is hanging above. 

    Hanging a mirror in your foyer is also perfect for an outfit and make-up check before heading out the door (or upon arrivals for your guests!)

    A Steven Gambrel-designed foyer with dramatic modern chandelier and tufted upholstered bench

    Lighting is one of the easiest ways to update your foyer design.  A dramatic chandelier (like the one in the Steven Gambrel-designed foyer above,) a pair of unique sconces or eye-catching table lamps on a console will upgrade the look of your space and make it look more finished.

    I love how the calming palette of the foyer allows you to take a deep breath before entering the bold and energizing room with purple lacquered walls just through the arched opening.

    A large foyer with modern brass chandelier and eye-catching brass table and snakeskin upholstered bench

    Add a statement piece like this dramatic table seen in the foyer of Ashley Stark's (as in Stark Carpet) home. An eye-catching piece creates a focal point for the room and can be anything from an interesting console table to an upholstered bench to a wall mirror with an interesting finish or a lot of detail.

    A Saarinen table in front of a colorful gallery wall

    A foyer is an excellent opportunity to display art. An attention-grabbing large-scale piece of art or well-thought-out gallery wall are the perfect finishing touch in a well-designed foyer.

    A white lacquer room divider defines an entryway in an apartment

    If you don't have an entry that is separate from the main area of your apartment, a room divider can quickly solve the problem.  The wall divider visually sets the space apart from the rest of the larger room.  The console table and wall mirror give the space the feel of a traditional foyer.

    Image Sources: House Beautiful; domino;  Elle Decor; Elle Decor; Lonny; domino

  • Adding Vintage Style To Your Home

    Vintage style table with rustic wood planter and baskets for storage

    What is it about vintage style that tugs at our heartstrings?

    The familiar?

    The age-old pieces that tell a story?

    The unique perspective vintage brings?


    Many times vintage style combines the old with the new and layers in years of texture and patina and weathered wood.  

    You can find vintage items at thrift stores and estate sales and auctions.  You can also purchase vintage reproduction items to recreate the look as well.

    Here's some easy tips for adding  classic romantic vintage decor to your home for less:

    1.  Repurpose

    Think outside the box.  A vintage tool box becomes a side table.  A basket becomes a catch-all.  A metal gutter becomes a planter.

    2.  Collect

    Sometimes the power of vintage can be found in more than one.  Start a collection and group the collection together for display.

    3.  Texture

    Many times vintage items are a great way to add texture and depth to a space with mismatched pieces and layers of color.

    4.  Rethink

    Sometimes we think vintage items can only be for display.  Use teacups for scoops and easels for display and architectural pieces for hooks.

    Here are some more ideas of how to get that vintage style look:

    Romantic vintage decor pieces for your home

    Patterned Coffee Table

    Layer a patterned coffee table into your space like this option with its geometric pattern and white washed patina.

    You could add baskets underneath and a flat tray on top filled with books.

    Traditional Carved Mirror - Fill up a blank wall with a stylish option like this ornately carved mirror.

    Add two side-by-side in a bathroom or fill a vertical space with a row of creamy white plates above the mirror.

    Wood Pendant Light with Metal Details- Never underestimate the difference a unique light fixture can make in a space.

    This pendant was inspired by vintage wine barrels and adds a bit of sophistication to any room.

     A Classic Cashmere Throw - Ahhhh....cashmere.  Wrap yourself and your room in warmth with the texture of cashmere.

    Layer the throw with textured pillows and drape over a patterned couch or chair.

    Weathered Wood Lamp - Mimicking a balustrade style pole, this weathered wood lamp is topped off with a warm oatmeal linen shade.

    Perfect alone on a side table or in groups of two on a mantle or hutch, this lamp adds vintage style to your space.

    Stylish Tufted Upholstery

    Nothing says vintage like tufting and nothing says tufting like a pair of side chairs.

    Add the chairs to a formal dining room setting or group them around an antique table for a game of cards.

    Vintage style combines the old and the new in perfect harmony.

    Why not add a little vintage to your world today?

    Photo credits:  Photo 1;  Thistlewood Farms  Photo 2:  Thistlewood Farms

  • Timeless Water Features

    A Timeless Water Feature in a shallow pool

    Timeless water features can enhance both exterior as well as interior spaces, creating domestic harmony and peace.

    I enjoyed the variety of fountains featured in Lonny and came to the conclusion that I think I may need to get one for my own home.

    Charming Water fountains for home need not be elaborate or require major construction. Some fountains can even simply plug in and become tabletop design features.

    A Variety of Asian Style Fountains

    Contemporary fountains such as the example above, seem to have their roots based on simple, Asian design. I love the clean aesthetic, almost invisible nature of these water features. It’s Zen living at its best.

    Personally, I love when fountains are lit at night, so make sure you are near a power source that can support not only the fountain but some form of outdoor landscape lighting.

    Examples of Timeless Traditional Fountains

    Mediterranean style fountains are a timeless look and can enhance both large and small outdoor spaces. Water features have long been the hallmark of Spanish style homes and keeps terraces and courtyards visually cool and tranquil.

    Organic Style Fountains in a Garden Setting

    Another form of popular fountains are those that have a craft or “repurposed” quality. Using old pots, urns and sculpture to create a home fountain is the essence of living green. Creating a calm outdoor environment with water can be funky, quirky and echo your personality and the soul of your home.

    A Selection of Water Fountains For Home

    1. The nature inspired Oakley Metal Tiering Leaf Fountain has a great handmade, craft feel and would be great in a lush shade garden.

    2. The Magma Natural Rock Floor Fountain has a simple and organic feel.

    3. A great option for a contemporary water feature would be the sleek Orbital Pedestal Floor Fountain with LED Light.

    4. The Classic Three-Tier Reconstituted Granite Fountain is a classic and looks perfect in Mediterranean style homes and courtyards.

    5. Minimalists will love the simple lines of the Gardenfall Black Oxide 72" High Fountain with Light.

    Photos: Lonny.

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