Nursery interior design featuring a yellow and white striped ceiling

Stripes, Stripes everywhere, the more the merrier! There is nothing that combines fun, sophistication and style like a good stripe in interior design. As you can see here, you can put stripes just about anywhere and they will hit big and make a great statement.

Apartment Therapy images help inspire us to explore the wonderful world of stripes, and will hopefully inspire you to stripe up your decor!

A hallway, bathroom and nook that incorporate striped into their design

One of the most common places you will see a stripe accent in interior design is on the wall. The images above however, take it one small step forward in terms of design and application.

Tiling your powder room with a stripe that is perfectly in line the vanity is elegant, slightly vintage and totally beautiful.

Have an extra closet in the house you're not using? Remove the doors and tuck a twin mattress inside hidden by a thick pair of drapes. Accent the small space with light stripes to add visual impact without shrinking the space for the perfect getaway nook.

Outdoor spaces with striped floors

Ready for the ultimate visual impact? Striped floors welcome people into your home with gusto and character. Whether you actually lay varying wood planks, or tape off the floors and add stripes with paint, the end result is immensely graphic and attention grabbing.

Chic home decor in a stripe pattern brings an amazing graphic punch to any room you style. From the area rugs on the floor up to the striped roman shades hanging just under the ceiling, stripes can be applied anywhere.

Want to do something a little out of the box? Make your stripes out of two complimentary colors instead of the classic mixture of color plus white. A beautiful blue and green area rug and wall treatment feels so perfectly dainty yet designed.

Image Source: Apartment Therapy