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  • Romantic Bedrooms

    A Sumptuous and Feminine Bedroom

    If there was an obvious choice for creating a romantic room, it’s the bedroom. Romantic bedrooms lend themselves to romance for some obvious reasons and some not so obvious reasons. Let’s discuss the not so obvious.

    Bedrooms are all about engaging the senses. Dimmed lighting can set the mood and make you see things in a dreamy way. Soft light from crystal pendants or lamps reflected through an ornate wall mirror can make things positively glisten and very romantic.

    Touch is another sense that should not be overlooked. Sumptuous bedding, throws and pillows play another big role in making a room feel romantic. Inviting fabrics foster that tactile experience. That said, think about rich velvets for chairs and ottomans, natural fibers for sheets and duvets and small touches like beaded lamp shades which will delight all the senses. 

    Here are some of my favorite romantic decorative objects for the bedroom.

    Romantically Styled Lighting and Accessories from Lamps Plus

    1. Romance novels might read even steamier if lit by this mercury glass fluted font table lamp.

    2. I think an etched glass wall mirror like this would be elegant over a dresser or in a walk in closet.

    3. I like the idea of hanging pendants as an option for bedside lights and the Wallingford brass and crystal chandelier is a great and romantic option.

    4. Create a more romantic feel on your bed with glam pewter throw pillows like these.

    5. This oval glass and nickel end table is a nice option to classic nightstands.

    6. Create some shimmer in the bed or bath with this chic wall sconce by Feiss.

  • Blue Hue Bathrooms

    I absolutely love blue bathrooms. And when I came across these bathroom images I couldn't help but make an ombre reference with them, simply because I love anything ombre

    Blue bathrooms might seem like a unique color decision, but as you can see it makes for a calm, peaceful space.

    3 separate blue bathrooms with sconce lighting

    Whether you go with solid blue walls, a beautiful ombre, watercolor application or a hint of light blue - your bathroom and your sensibilities will thank you for it. These colors are so beautiful and really work for a bathroom space, especially since you can get away with simple yet chic accents.

    Dark mocha woods look beautiful with blue walls, and the above striking bathroom vanities are no exception. They pop against the colorful walls and give the space depth and dimension.

    Stylish bathroom wall lighting and minimal bathroom mirrors compliment the wall color without distracting from it. Choosing a mirror that pairs well with the wall color is essential in order to make sure the bathroom remains calming and not claustrophobic.

    Keep the bath linens in a white or cream palette to maintain a clean, contemporary look.

  • 10 Questions for Domino Magazine's Jessica Romm Perez

    Lamps Plus and Domino Magazine hosted a meet and greet for Domino Magazine's new editor Jessica Romm Perez on February 18th and we were lucky enough to sit down with her and ask a few questions!

    New Dominio Magazine editor Jessica Romm Perez

    10 Questions for Jessica Romm Perez:

    1. The best design advice I ever received is:

    - Only buy pieces you love!

    2. When decorating, you should splurge on:

    - The best sofa you can afford and beautiful lighting set on dimmers.

    3. Favorite four:

    a. Color: Cream and pale grey

    b. Furniture piece: George Sherlock sofa

    c. Lighting: Serge Mouille-inspired lighting

    d. Accessory: Lots of books and soft cashmere throws

    4. Right now I'm obsessed with:

    - Gradient walls, Milo Baughman, vintage safari chairs and midcentury French lighting.

    5. My home is:

    - My happy place

    6. Who are your style icons?:

    - Phoebe Philo, Sophie Buhai, and Isabel Marant

    7. How important is lighting to your design?:

    - The most important. I live for natural light and can't stand overhead lighting that is too strong. Lighting choices are critically important for creating the vibe and mood you want at home.

    8. What design tip can you share about lighting?:

    - Always use DIMMERS! And make sure to have an even amount of light sources in a room. Also, if you're renting, change out the lighting fixtures for something you love. It makes ALL the difference and is such a simple upgrade.

    9. What do you see as the next design trend?:

    - It's all about mixed materials! Brass and marble, wood and linen. I love things that are textural and have a personality. Scandinavian everything, 80s inspired geometry, soft pink, and sculptural, midcentury French lighting.

    10. What is one "trick of the trade" that you implement in your designs?

    - The right light bulb can be a game changer!

    Thank you again to Jessica Romm Perez of Domino Magazine! Come back next week and see some of the "domino loves" styles from Lamps Plus!

    Photo by Taylor Jewell

  • Modern Crystal Lighting and Decor

    Modern crystal lighting and decor looks nothing like your Nana’s, so it may be worth another look. Gone are the endless crystal drops that were impossible to find and replace, let alone clean. 

    A Traditional Living Room with Contemporary Style Crystal Lighting.

    Today’s crystal can look sleek, modern and still thoroughly blingtastic. Regardless of whether "blingtastic" is a word or not, if you are drawn to crystal it probably means you like a little "oomph" in your decorating.

    Before I go full-tilt on loving contemporary crystal, I still believe there is a place for classically beautiful crystal chandeliers in timeless and traditional homes. I just want you to know that you have many options when it comes to crystal.

    In additional to chandeliers, cool and linear crystal can now be found in unexpected ways like on the bases of modern table lamps and crystal-style legs on chairs and ottomans.

    I happen to love how crystal has shifted in general perception over the years. In the past, crystal was considered heavy and old world, now, it has an airy feel and compliments a clean aesthetic. I like crystal on office desks, bright dressing rooms and on sconces that can brighten long halls.

    Modern Lighting in Crystal, Chrome and Marble from Lamps Plus

    1. This sleek crystal table lamp has an updated Art Deco feel that would look amazing on an end table or foyer table.

    2. This modern crystal ceiling light by Possini Euro is just the thing for a hall with a low or dressing room. It’s like jewelry for your ceiling.

    3. I have just found a crystal lighting fixture for your dining space! I’m mad for this polished nickel chandelier by Hudson Valley.

    4. The contemporary home office is just the place for this polished nickel and crystal modern task desk lamp.

    5. Add some glam to your boudoir or bathroom with the Monaco square ottoman with clear acrylic legs.

    6. A chrome and crystal floor lamp may be just what you need to update your living room or by any club chair in the house. I personally like it beside a chair in the bedroom.

  • Telling Time in Style with Wall Clocks

    In today's era of cell phones taking places of watches and clocks it is easy to overlook some of the best accents that we can add to our homes which also do double duty.

    Wall clocks.
    Large outdoor wall clocks on a fireplace mantel

    From oversized statement pieces in the living room or bedroom to a charming touch outdoors on the patio to a colorful pop in a white kitchen, stylish wall clocks are something that you can find in every style and size which makes it easy to choose the perfect one for you.

    Square oversized wall clock with orchard ladder

    I happen to be partial to oversized clocks as a statement piece in a room and you can find them in so many different styles and finishes like this simple, yet elegant, minimalist looking clock.

    At 49" across, it will definitely be the focal point in your room but with that light airy look - it won't be overpowering.

    Elegantly simple round wrought iron wall clock with antiqued gold roman numeralsAnother favorite in the over-sized clock category - this vintage-style license plate clock which is ideal for a colorful eclectic home.

    Round wall clock made of images of old license plates

    Another favorite - perfect for a vintage style kitchen wall or patio is this double sided clock. Think old world charm.Double-sided wall clock with traditional scrolling detail
    What about something vintage-French inspired? Of course, this is a favorite of mine and is something I would definitely find a spot for in my home.

    Country-inspired traditional wall clock in creamAnother very popular style currently is a clock with a rustic board look. Simple and charming and it looks like it was collected and created.

    Round wall clock made of rustic planksAnd this more retro modern style with a brushed aluminum frame and a pop of color which is perfect for a vintage modern inspired kitchen.

    Orange retro wall clock with brushed aluminum frameNot sure which style to choose?

    A perfect choice is always something with classic lines and simple styling. From there - just go with what you like and what fits size and color wise.

    So what is your favorite look?

    A wall clock that stands out and makes a design statement in a room or one that blends in?

    Image source: French Country Cottage

  • Winter Getaway Gardens

    Winter is in full force so maybe it’s time to daydream a bit about getting away to someplace warm. Fantasizing about winter getaway gardens and pools is certainly one way to get through monster snow storms and freezing temperatures.

    A Mod Poolside Deck with Bold and Colorful Outdoor Seating

    If you are lucky enough to get away to someplace toasty like a tropical island or desert, hats off to you. If you can’t, maybe I can entice you with some ideas for the coming summer months?

    I know it seems a long way off, and cold comfort, but why not jump start thinking about someplace sunny and chic.

    I’m starting to embrace the “Mod Palm Springs” look for outdoor spaces and think it evokes a classic, carefree weekend getaway vibe. Mind you, you need not live in the desert to get the look, merely the willingness to incorporate the playful design to your deck, patio or yard.

    Simple yet stylish outdoor lighting will make the space timeless while bold and brightly colored outdoor seating will keep things lighthearted.

    Modern Outdoor Lighting and Colorful Seating from Lamps Plus

    1. The bronze LED outdoor wall light by Kichler has a classic finish with a thoroughly modern aesthetic which evokes a bit of Mid Century punch.

    2. I get a Rat Pack feel when I see this jaunty turquoise outdoor accent chair.

    3. I love the simple look of the Ripley Outdoor Pendant Light for covered patios and outdoor dining rooms.

    4. I’m a fan of a geometric pouf ottoman for extra seating around a pool or for tight spaces like a city balcony.

    5. Candle light is always romantic and alluring, but bothersome wind can always mess that up. I think this lantern with a leather handle is great option for protecting pillar candles and will create a beautiful glow anywhere outside.

    6. This white powdercoat round outdoor side table can go just about anywhere and look good. Its look is rooted in classic 1950s and 1960s design and begs to be near a fringed umbrella.

    What is the style of your idea winter getaway?

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Get the Look: A Mediterranean Patio

    While it might be freezing outside, in my wandering mind it is eternally summer-time. When I think about the perfect outdoor patio I think of a covered space where you can simultaneously gather, dine, lounge and hang. Comfort and durability are key, but just because it's the outdoors doesn't mean you have to skimp on style.

    Potted plants, a fireplace or water fountain, durable, stylish furniture and energy-efficient outdoor LED lighting all work together to create a dream oasis for those long summer nights that are just around the corner.

    Mediterranean-style patio with outdoor ceiling fans

    It's easier than you think to recreate this dreamy, Mediterranean patio - a few key pieces make the design puzzle come together to form a space that anyone will be proud of.

    Large oil-rubbed bronze outdoor ceiling fan with light

    An oversized bronze outdoor ceiling fan functions in a few different ways. First, it provides dim overhead lighting when the sun finally does begin to set. Second, it adds a nice breeze should you be in an area that stays hot through the night. And third, the movement of the fan can help keep little critters and bugs away from your food if you're eating al fresco.

    Faux slate floor fountain

    Ambient noise is always a welcome sound for long nights outside. Especially if you live in a busier part of town, having something that draws your attention away from the traffic sounds can be a very welcome upgrade. A faux slate floor fountain plugs into the nearest outlet, making it simple to install and easy to enjoy.

    Bronze LED outdoor wall light with seeded glass

    A bronze wall sconce with frosted glass adds more ambient lighting to the patio without overwhelming the mood. The frosted glass mutes the light and gives it a nice glow that is suitable for those warm, dark evenings when no one wants to go back inside.

    9-Piece gray wicker modern patio dining set

    Finally, the perfect place to relax for hours. A wicker patio dining set can be stylish, functional and chic. And the great part of a wicker set is the versatility across design aesthetics, so for this Mediterranean patio, the more modern look compliments the other elements perfectly.

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Illuminating the Kitchen with Pendant Lighting

    What types of lights do you have in your kitchen? Do they make a design statement or simply do a job?

     Blue metal fretwork pendant light above a kitchen table

    Kitchen lighting is one of those things that needs to do double duty.Your kitchen definitely needs the right kind and amount of light to illuminate your work space.

    With all the prep work and cooking you do - not to mention the homework and work that might be done at the island - you need lights that provide an abundance of light to work by.

    Metal drum pendant light above a table at High Point Market
    But that doesn't mean that you can't have something that also brings a beautiful design statement to your space as well.One with a color that matches or accents your kitchen colors with a certain flair, or maybe something vintage that is on trend and fits in perfectly.

    Whatever the look is - you can illuminate your space beautifully with a with attractive and useful kitchen pendant lighting

    Pendant lighting come in all shapes and sizes and colors and styles which makes finding the perfect one for your kitchen easy.

    Some of my favorites are surrounded by a beautiful colorful shade like this gorgeous pendant light that has a damask shade that comes in a variety of colors.
    Brushed steel pendant chandelier with damask print giclee shadeWant something that makes a statement? This bronze drum pendant light from Uttermost will definitely do that with its rustic charm.

    Pendant light with oxidized bronze metal shade

    Something on trend with kitchen designs that have a simple vintage look is an industrial style pendant light, like this pendant in a galvanized metal finish.

    Industrial style kitchen pendant light in galvanized metal

    A favorite look of mine above a kitchen island is to use double lights such as chandeliers or pendants. And the Larkin pendant would be gorgeous doubled up.

    Lantern-style brushed nickel foyer pendantOf course, I am also in love with the vintage detail and look of these gorgeous lights as well.
    Ornate pendant light in a distressed white finish

    Pendant lighting is the perfect choice for areas that need a little extra illumination for work - such as the kitchen. And with so many different styles to choose from you are sure to find the perfect pendant light for your kitchen at Lamps Plus.

    I have chandeliers in my kitchen but what about you? Do you have a favorite style light fixture for the kitchen?

    Image source: French Country Cottage

  • 5 Kitchen Update Ideas

    Winter blues got you down? Well, I have 5 easy kitchen update ideas. I know it’s not a free trip to St. Barths, but it’s something. We may not all cook, but we all use our kitchens in some form or another, unless of course you have staff and in that case you are probably reading this on your G-5.

    A Contemporary Kitchen with Traditional Lighting

     Regardless of budget, I think mid winter is a great time to freshen up and brighten your kitchen. Frankly you are probably sick of looking at it after the busy holiday season, and have been cursing all the things you hate about it since the onset of Thanksgiving.

    I’m not here to help you fix the broken dishwasher door that constantly bangs to the floor, or the wonky ice maker that leaked and created one, Titanic sized iceberg just as you were filling the water glasses. Rather, here are some of my inexpensive picks to help you fall in love with your kitchen again.

    I have chosen three types of updates, including the essential kitchen under cabinet lighting, stylish new seating with contemporary bar stools, and new dishes that will make the smaller portions, thanks to your New Year’s resolution, look appetizing.

    Lighting and Decor that can Freshen-Up Your Kitchen from Lamps Plus

    1. The Congress ceiling light in an oil rubbed bronze finish with an Edison style bulb adds a cool loft feel to both modern and traditional kitchens.

    2. These Fulcrum stick-on cordless LED puck lights are a quick and cheap fix for spots that need a little more illumination, especially under cabinets.

    3. The urban industrial style bronze pendant light works perfectly over a kitchen island.

    4. Every counter and island deserves a chic bar stool like the Daqo.

    5. These white ceramic plates are shaped like a Mum. Mum’s the word on where you got your exquisite taste.

    Do you kitchen update ideas that I haven't shared above? Share them below in the comments!

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Styling Around a Statement Sofa

    I am the type of designer who loves one statement piece of furniture in a room. It functions on so many levels, from becoming a focal point to injecting fun and character into your space. It's a way to create a space that reflects your individual personality without going overboard and bombarding yourself or your guests with too much.

    A stylish new sofa is a great option for your statement-making piece; Here we will dissect a space that features a beautiful statement sofa and discuss how each room works perfectly although they are so different.

    Clean living room with a stylish new sofa in emerald green

    This first space is classic and clean. It blends design styles yet, by keeping everything in a similar color palette, the mix of styles is feminine and calming rather than chaotic.

    Glass accent tables are modern and light in this space, allowing the sofa to be the star of the show.

    White accent furniture, paired with a white table lamp and accessories stand out against the rich green sofa and dark black walls.

    Gray living room with emerald green statement sofa

    On the flip side, this modern, dark and moody living room scene is edgy and bold. While the sofa doesn't pop as much as it did in the previous vignette, it still holds your visual attention amongst the eclectic styling.

    Because the sofa is solid it allows you to take risks and have fun with pattern. Adding fun throw pillows or a unique area rug in classic black and white incorporates pattern without fighting with the green velvet of the sofa.

    Brass accent furniture and lighting makes the space feel rich, edgy and masculine.

    Which living room vignette featuring a statement sofa do you like best?

    Image source: Lamps Plus

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