What is it about a French room that feels so absolutely charming and inviting - and classically elegant at the same time?

French style office with gray and gold desk and gold mirror
Maybe it is the way that the pieces all feel as if they are important. From the exquisite velvet loveseat to the hand me down table next to the flea market threadbare ottoman.

No matter the pedigree or age, the French room makes those pieces feel as if they are all telling a story and are a must have piece in the picture.

Patio with vintage french style carved coffee table
It is no secret how much I am in love with French style - and I definitely am drawn to the vintage pieces and the new reproduction pieces alike. 

I have been perusing the French style furniture over at Lamps Plus and making a must have list for an upcoming makeover - and thought I would share a few ideas with you today.

#1. Elegant Velvet Sofa

Glamorous taupe velvet sofa with elegant curves
Seriously glam and gorgeous - this Jennifer Taylor Legacy Taupe Velvet Sofa is the epitome of classic, elegant. and glamorous style. 

I love the simple smooth lines, detailed trim and of course - the creamy velvet fabric. Definitely a win.

#2. Go Tufted

The other popular style sofa that I am swooning over? Tufted roll arm sofas. Especially if they are in linen and are as gorgeous as the French-style Tessa Tufted Sofa.  

Note the arms that fall ever so softly to the sides to create that elegant feeling. I could see two of these flanking a fireplace and creating a most charming seating area.

Creamy linen color tufted roll arm sofa in living room

#3. Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is a small chair that doesn't usually have any arms. It is a simple sweet style that is perfect for adding as accent seating or for rooms where space is at a premium - but you want to bring in big style.

This clean-lined Caelie Slipper Chair is a perfect example of delicious details making all the difference. Think one for an accent chair or double up the charm and bring in pairs for a seating area.

Living room with blue walls and neutral furniture #4. French Porters Chair

French style hooded chair with exposed frame

Pretty much the epitome of French elegance - the Ellis Balloon Chair is a showstopper. Balloon or hooded chairs were once used by hall porters in France, and their shape with the dramatic hood and sides were there to help protect the porter from drafts.

They have become a classic piece that has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

#5. A Beautiful Bench

French style bench and charcoal tufted sofa in living room with area rug

You can't go wrong with adding a charming and beautiful bench to a room - especially when it is one that is tufted and sitting atop a gorgeous carved frame.

This Athena Tufted Bench will be perfect used as extra seating - or even as a coffee table in the living room.  And it is even at home at the foot of the bed for a sprinkling of French charm.

French bench at foot of bed with faux fur throw

No matter what French style furniture you choose - bringing in a bit of that elegant charm and classic styling will add beauty and that certain je ne sais quoi to your home. Do you have a favorite piece from what I shared?

Images: French Country Cottage; Lamps Plus