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  • Close to Ceiling Lights: Low Ceiling Lighting Solutions

    I know I have talked about chandeliers covered in crystals and pretty details before - and while I have a huge love affair with chandeliers - I have to admit that those big chandeliers...Well, they aren't always practical for every space.

    Take a room with a low ceiling for example - a long hanging chandelier hanging down and blocking the room just isn't practical. And in places typically with low ceilings like hallways and bathrooms  - a ceiling fixture that is oversized is going to cause issues with flow and usability.

    Enter the solution - close to ceiling lights: low ceiling solutions.

     Living room with black sofa and blue walls

    But just because your space isn't ideal for a big chandelier or pendant light - you don't have to resort to a boring light that doesn't do anything for your style.

    You can add charm and beauty with close to ceiling lights just the same.

    Take for example the living room shown above - if a chandelier was hung above the sofa you would hit your head every time you stood up. 

    If you are looking for something with the same pizzazz as a chandelier - think about crystal close to ceiling lights with elegant lines. It will really stand out and make that drama filled statement. 

     French style room with bench and silver mirror

    You can also choose a close to ceiling light that is similar to a pendant with a shade around it.

    Shaded ceiling lights are hugely popular and add an ambient soft diffused light in a room.

    Industrial style ceiling lights in bathroom

    In a low ceiling bathroom, simple is key. You definitely don't want to be stepping out of the bathtub and hit your head on a light - this industrial style close to ceiling light is perfect for lighting the room while adding a ton of style.

    So as you can see, just because you have low ceilings that can't take a large chandelier or pendant light - you can make a statement just the same with a close to ceiling light in any room.

    What do you think? Do you have any close to ceiling lights in your home? What style is your favorite? Leave a comment. 

  • Two Table Lamps Might Be Better Than One

    Do you think it is true?

    That two lamps are better than one?

    Better for illumination - of course but also better for style.

    I am a huge symmetry girl - I love pairs.

    Pairs of topiaries on the window sill and pairs of chandeliers in the kitchen.

    Kitchen with barstool with a cane back and crystal swag chandeliers.

    Pairs of candlesticks, pairs of pillows and pairs of lamps.

    To be honest, pairs speak to me.

    And often times when I am shopping - I will scour where I am shopping to look for a second matching item because I like to have a pair.

    And when talking table lamps - it is no different.

    Pairs are perfection.

    Traditional living room with wrought iron console with a pair of table lamps. This room is beautiful with that gorgeous backdrop of blue and pops of gold.

    The pair of  table lamps on the console table softly and subtly round out the look.

    Contemporary teal living room with cream sofa, teal and gold chairs and large orb chandelier.

    The pair of oversized mercury glass lamps in this space definitely make a statement.

    They frame out the space behind the sofa and fill in part of the windows without obstructing the view.

    Contemporary bedroom design with tufted headboard, mirrored nightstands and modern chrome table lamps.

    Often in design - designers will choose to have lamps that do not match to make a statement.  

    But in this bedroom - the matching lamps flanking the bed make a statement on their own.

    Matching and symmetry creates a quiet serene feeling that's pleasing to the eye and is less visually chaotic - if you love symmetry like I do.

    Contemporary gold and black sideboard with a pair of industrial buffet lamps and ceramic vases.

    The tall buffet lamps on this sideboard definitely make a huge statement.

    With their unique shades - they speak volumes about design

    and paired - they echo each other and make a much larger impact than just one lamp all by itself.

    So next time you are looking for an amazing lamp for your home, why not look for two amazing lamps for your home?

    Because two lamps are better than one, don't you think?


    Images: French Country Cottage; Lamps Plus

  • Seasonal Ambiance with Outdoor Lights

    Outdoor lights serve many practical purposes, they extend the use of outdoor spaces into the evening hours and spotlight the location of the front door to nighttime visitors.

    Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting for illumination and creating ambiance. Outdoor lights come in many shapes and styles including sconces, pendants, motion detection, and pathway lights, and they all work together in all different seasons.

    In summer, outdoor wall lights on the front porch or patio allow you to linger while the weather is warm even after the sun goes down. Installing a dimmer switch gives you greater control when setting the mood.

    Patio featuring lion head wall fountain, outdoor wall lights and outdoor ceiling fan.
    Though summer’s blooms fade in the fall, planting beds layered with evergreen shrubs can still benefit from strategically placed landscape lighting. Illuminating your pathway makes travel to your front door safer for trick-or-treaters in October and visiting family at Thanksgiving.

    LED landscape lights embedded into faux rocks along a flower bed.
    Energy efficient decorative options are available in many styles from low to the ground LED rock lighting to path lights in a variety of styles and finishes.

    Lantern-style bronze pathway lights along a hedge.
    A pair of outdoor wall lights adds to the curb appeal of any home’s facade. As winter and the holidays approach, update your home’s front entrance with attractive outdoor lighting to create a welcoming entry.

    Barn lights flank a front door with a Christmas wreath.
    Consider the style of a home when choosing outdoor lighting. Classic exteriors look best when more traditional outdoor lights are on display. Cottage-style lights capture the ease of coastal or country living, and modern structures will benefit from contemporary outdoor light fixtures incorporated into their lighting plan.

    The right combination of outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your home year-round while increasing its curb appeal at the same time!


    Images: Lamps Plus

  • 3 Times the Perfect Floor Lamp Made All the Difference

    Let's talk about floor lamps. Do you have a floor lamp in your home?

    Floor lamps are one of those things that you might not realize you need.

    Those dark corners in the living room for example?

    A perfect spot for a floor lamp to light up the corner.

    What about next to a sofa where you don't have room for a table?

    A floor lamp fits in and does the job, while taking up little space.

    And another thing?

    They are gorgeous and they add style.

    Transitional living room with matching cream linen sofas, crystal chandelier and brass and glass coffee table.

    Today I am sharing 3 times when a floor lamp was perfect.

    Style-wise, light-wise, all around-wise.


    #1. That Dark Corner

    Monochromatic gray living room with lavender accents and traditional brass floor lamp.

    That corner over there on the left?

    It could be a dark cave in this room, soaking up all the shadows - but with a floor lamp placed there - the corner comes to life with bright airy feelings and light.

    If you have a dark corner in your room - consider a floor lamp to fill that space and light it up.


    #2. No Room for a Table

    A stylish and relaxed living room with tufted gray sectional, crystal chandelier and white-washed wood coffee table.

    In a room with an extra-long sofa or even just a placement that doesn't allow for a table without cramping the room - do you just go without light?

    Not a chance. A floor lamp is perfect.

    With a narrow base - you can easily tuck one in a small spot.


    #3. Style

    Soft industrial-style living room with industrial bronze floor lamp behind a cream tufted sofa and wood coffee table in a natural finish.Maybe one of the best reasons to choose a floor lamp is style.

    Lamps are accents.

    They are pieces that add personality and a sense of style to your space.

    Art Deco-inspired living room with gold sofa, crystal chandelier and gold floor lamps.Just look at this room - those gold floor lamps with their beautiful silhouettes against the dark walls are definitely doing more than adding light - they are a huge design statement.

    So as you can see, a floor lamp is much more than just a simple lamp in your room.

    It adds light and warmth and personality and fits in all kinds of rooms and styles perfectly.

    What about you - do you have a style of floor lamp that is your favorite?


    Images: Lamps Plus

  • The Mediterranean Style Entry

    I’m having a bit of a Sunset Boulevard moment right now, and nothing is more Old Hollywood than the Mediterranean style entry. This classic warm weather architectural style is grand, welcoming and will never grow old...unlike the stars that inhabit tinsel town.

    A Classic Spanish Inspired Mediterranean Entry

    This entrance has all the hallmarks of classic Mediterranean style architecture. The arches are low and wide and echo the arched heavy wooden door. I like the symmetry of this portico which features ornate metal outdoor wall sconces and matching pendant.

    Because this form of architecture can appear overpowering and monolithic, I like the idea of matching decorative planters filled with flowers. If you have space to plant, try training bougainvillea to climb up the side of your entrance.

    Wrought iron is an important material to use in Spanish inspired homes, so make sure that it is featured in lighting, decor, rails and furniture. It pairs nicely with stucco, creating a balance with weight and light. 

    Timeless and Ornate Mediterranean Outdoor Lighting and Accessories from Lamps Plus

    1. The Ellington Mediterranean Outdoor Wall Light would be ideal flanking a front door.

    2. If you have a landing with enough space think about adding this outdoor black and gold bench which is great for resting or placing packages.

    3. The Ellington Mediterranean Outdoor Hanging Light would be beautiful if you have a tall enclosed veranda or terrace.

    4. Match the above Ellington Mediterranean lighting with the coordinating outdoor post light for the top of pilasters at gates.

    5. I like the idea placing a pair of these Burnt Terra Cotta Square Planters by Uttermost on either side of a Spanish inspired front door.

    6. This tiered Tuscan-style outdoor fountain adds a soothing trickle of water.


    Image: Lamps Plus

October, 2016