• New Looks in Tiffany

    A hammered iron base is topped by a beautiful Tiffany style glass shade in this new lamp design: Earthtones Mission Table Lamp . Part of the Robert Louis Tiffany lighting collection , it features over 100 pieces of Tiffany style glass. Tiffany lamps never looked so good!
  • What Is Tiffany Style Glass?

    Tiffany lamps and lighting fixtures represent a classic American style. Popularized by artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1890s, these lamps feature brightly colored pieces of opalescent glass. In the production process, the pattern for the lamp is drawn out and colored glass is...
  • Design Lesson: Tiffany Chandeliers

    Tiffany chandeliers and Tiffany-Style chandeliers are the hallmark of classic Arts and Crafts interiors. The warm glow of Tiffany lighting compliments the rich tones of green, rose and brown found in these period style homes and are truly works of art that tell a story. So much of this late 19th and...
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