Bright Lighting For Gray Home Style

Bright Lighting For Gray Interior Design

Here are some lighting tips for gray interiors.

While Marsala may be the color of the year, gray is still hot and lighting gray rooms can be tricky.

Naturally, A Prefect Gray had perfect pictures for us to enjoy. I’m crazy for gray in its many forms and think of it as a neutral albeit tricky when implemented in already dark or quirky spaces. Gray can be moody or bright and all depends on shade and lighting (pun intended).

Crystal Chandelier Lighting

The Chrome and Crystal 12-Light Chandelier is a timeless choice.

Hanging crystal chandeliers can without a doubt brighten up a gray room and can look fabulous in an industrial room like the one above. The formality of the light fixture against the gray metal doors is quite inventive.

Designer Wall Lights

Wall Sconces - Modern version of an Art Decor light?

Tight gray spaces like a hall or nook can always benefit from beautiful wall sconces. I happen to love antique brass against gray walls like in these pictures.

Lighter shades will naturally cast more light in a space and the addition of wall mirrors will reflect that light in smaller spaces. 

Kitchen Lighting

Keep things simple with Pendant Lighting.

Gray kitchens are still novel, but can look smashing if done right. If I design a gray kitchen I make sure there is plenty of natural light streaming in to offset the deep hue.

Also, bright counters will help tame the richness of walls and cabinets and simple contemporary pendants or kitchen track lighting will create proper work and task lighting.

Traditional Table Lamps

A formal table lamp can be sculptural in a contemporary room.

Not all table lamps are created equal, but all are totally useful. An eclectic gray space would benefit from decorative table lamps.

I love this gallery/bar vignette. It’s clearly a more formal spot intended to be enjoyed at night and thus the dark shade works perfectly while it balances the crisp black and white pictures.

Photo credits: A Perfect Gray