Design Trend: Natural Elements

Whether or not you're ready for it, pattern and color are celebrating a resurgence in current interior design trends. People are having fun with design and embracing new shapes, looks and eclectic styles.

Something I'm majorly crushing on at the moment is the injection of natural materials in different applications. Geode and Agate are natural stones that have amazingly beautiful color and pattern that are dominating at the moment.  

Let's dissect how to bring some Geode and Agate to your space.

Geode and Agate

Ideas for using natural elements in your home decor.

The natural stone itself is so gorgeous, it lends itself to make a beautiful statement anywhere in your home. The first image from Better Homes and Gardens shows how to display Geodes in your home. Neutral tones, natural elements and rustic touches let the natural elements shine. Notice how grouping them in different shapes and sizes allows the natural movement and variation of each piece to stand out.

Another creative way to incorporate the natural stone into your home decor is with this simple yet oh so chic floating bookshelf. Blood and Champagne shared this image that so simply brings the natural world inside. This is perfect for a small entryway or accent wall that needs a little bit of personality.

Artistic Impression

Art inspired by natural elements.

These representations of the natural material is beautifully incorporated in this home decor above. Distinct wall art can either stand alone as a statement piece of can be combined with similar colors to really make a statement.

The styled bar cart above from Pop Sugar is just the piece to add character and fun to any room in your house.

Cover the Walls

Stylish fireplace design with agate walls.

There is one surefire way to make a supremely bold statement in your home - Agate walls! While this image above, from Shop Sweet Things, demonstrates the ultimate agate fireplace. The beauty of it is undeniable!

Wallpaper pattern using natural elements as inspiration.

On the other hand, if you don't want to break bank, but still want a wall of beauty, an agate or geode inspired wallpaper will definitely do the trick!

This beautiful black and white bathroom from Decor Pad mixes natural materials with artistic agate wallpaper and I couldn't be more in love. A hanging wall mirror adds a simple reflection of the wild wallpaper without competing with it.

Modern dining room design with agate wallpaper panels.

In this midcentury dining room from Mix and Chic bold, large scale agate wallpaper is inlayed into the existing moulding. This is a cool, fun way to add pattern and color while still confining to the original details of the space. The neutral tones of the wallpaper function perfectly with the leather chairs and glass table.

Image credits: Better Homes and Gardens, Blood and Champagne, Pop Sugar, Shop Sweet Things, Decor Pad, Mix and Chic