Designer Stacy Garcia Discusses Lady Gaga, Trends & Airstream Trailers

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Designer Stacy Garcia is respected for her inventive use of color and remarkable patterns.  One of her style icons is Lady Gaga and her dream project includes an Airstream trailer. Her signature designs and in-depth knowledge of color and trends are informed by a long and rich history of working first-hand with engravers, mill colorists, loom technicians and major lifestyle and hospitality brands. Not long ago I was able to ask Stacy a few questions.

Stacy Garcia Posh Black Table Lamp

You work with so many colors, do you have a favorite?
I never met a color I didn’t like but my favorite color combination right now is lavender and grey or black.  That color combination is also featured on my new posh lavender giclee paley black table lamp.

What do you see as the next design trend?
We are going to see a sense of optimism and hopefulness in design. After the recession, people are ready to start living again and enjoy some luxury while still appreciating the little things in life.

Victorinox Airstream Trailer 

What would be your dream project?
I have always wanted to design the inside of an Airstream trailer. It would be a fun challenge to work with the retro style and curves of the space.

Where and how do you find inspiration?
I draw inspiration from everyday life and looking into what makes the people around me tick. I dive into the psychological aspects of what drives passion and motivates an individual. Traveling is always an inspirational journey as well.

Stacy Garcia Pink Table Lamp

What is one “trick of the trade” that you implement in your designs?
Have fun and enjoy the creative process. Accessories like lamp shades and throw pillows are a great way to try on color without making a commitment. I always say if I wouldn’t use it in my home than I wouldn’t use it in my designs.

Who are your style icons?
Dorothy Draper is about as iconic as it gets for me design wise, but I have to say Lady Gaga has caught my attention and I think she is impacting all sectors of pop culture including design.

At the end of the day, design is about wanting to feel connected, Stacy notes. It’s a form of communication — a language. If you are part of a tribe of people, you feel more connected. I’m inspired by the designers, manufacturers and individuals with whom I work; and I hope to empower others to have the confidence to make their own connections and creations — in design, and in life.

All of us design-minded people can experience hospitality-inspired lighting at home. Stacy Garcia’s giclée-style lamp shades feature her signature patterns and custom designs and are available at Lamps Plus. 

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