Modern Nursery Ideas for Little Girls or Boys

Nursery with bold colors

I was recently hired to design the interior of a modern family home, which included a nursery. The soon-to-be mom expressed a few of her wishes for the space: a non-theme room, transitions well into the toddler stage, and a unique space.

When we think of putting together a children's space (especially a nursery), we usually imagine pale colors or neutrals. However, don't be afraid to incorporate bold colors. By using brighter colors in the space, it will create a lot of interest and it will be easier to transition into the toddler years.

Nursery with loft bed

There are many different crib options, but the crib I am drawn to the most is the loft crib. The crib featured in the image above makes a statement and its scale commands the space. It is fun to switch the decor up a bit and go for the unexpected.

Nursery with classic furniture

Creating a modern and timeless nursery can be accomplished by adding classic furniture pieces to the design. I love how a Windsor chair rocker is used instead of the traditional upholstered rocking chair. Another chair that has been used in children's spaces is the Eames molded plastic armchair with a rocker base. What a great way to teach your child about the history of design and different furniture styles.

Nursery with wall decals

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to create a pattern or design on the wall. Nature inspired decals are a great alternative to children's theme wallpaper. 

Nursery with pom poms

Easy DIY pom poms add texture and interest to a nursery. They serve as your child's own art installation. They can be made in any color or style to fit a girl's or boy's room. Hang them over the crib or in the center of the room. Have fun creating your own design!

What are some of your ideas for creating a modern nursery?

Images: Nursery Ideas + Inspiration, Apartment Therapy, The Boo and The Boy, WeeDecor, Project Nursery