Tiny Lamps in House Beautiful

Tiny Lamps in House Beautiful and Lamps Plus

We were absolutely delighted last week when we saw our Pewter Candle Light Pedestal Lamp featured in the tiny lamps roundup in House Beautiful! They are perfect for illuminating snug spaces and are flat-out adorable. Now these teensy weensy lights are making headway in the most unsuspecting places, including kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

Mini lamp in the kitchen

Bringing a mini table lamp into the kitchen can serve many purposes. Not only is it a more decorative and non-permanent solution to under-cabinet lighting, but it also evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, which is exactly how the kitchen should feel.

Mini crystal lamp

This stunning miniature crystal lamp brings a romantic, feminine quality to this bathroom vanity while softening the look of the distressed vintage wall cabinet.

Tiny lamp over a stack of books

Tiny table lamps can also be quite playful when paired with a stack of books like in the image above. Where are some interesting places you would use a tiny lamp?

 Images: Apartment Therapy, House of Turquoise, Shambolic