Winter-Ready Porch Design

Front porch design with door flanked by ferns and wreath on door

During the colder months, most people don't think about their front porch design. With fears of plants dying and winter elements coming in direct, daily contact with whatever you put on your porch, most people tend to leave their porches bare during the winter months.

When you have a beautifully designed home, the last thing you want to do is neglect your front porch, the place that you and your guests experience first when coming into your home.

As seen in this beautiful image from On Sutton Place, simplicity paired with attention to detail can make a big difference in your front porch design. Simple greenery and a visually interesting wintry wreath shows you put thought into the first impression of your home.

Check out some other winter-ready porch design inspiration images below.

Front porch with outdoor wall lights and lantern pendant and topiary bushes on either side of door

If your front porch has the capability to be wired, chic outdoor lighting can make a huge difference.

In this image from Home Bunch, a large outdoor pendant light is paired with two beautiful outdoor wall lights to illuminate the entry way. This is especially useful during winter when the sun sets early and you still want your home to feel inviting and warm.

The symmetry on this winter porch is so simple and lovely it doesn't need much more to make it feel like it has been carefully thought out and curated.

Twinkle lights make front porch design festive

If your porch is not wired but you still want winter lighting, why not take a page out of the Christmas decoration book. While the christmas lights must come down after christmas, twinkle lights that are installed under the porch roof can have a huge impact.

This classic porch from Simple Stylings has a warm winter glow from ceiling mounted cafe lights that are easy to install and create a beautiful visual.

Keeping the cafe lights in a classic warm white color allows you to keep them up year round without feeling too much like the holidays.

Red front door with coordinating red outdoor chairs

A color that is synonymous with winter is red. While it has the obvious christmas connotation, it can also translate to a fresh and fun winter accent.

This gorgeous, sprawling porch from Sophias Decor is so simply designed, but with bright red pops of color, it becomes a beautiful space.

Matching the color of the door with casual outdoor chairs brings character to an otherwise monochromatic porch.

Fauxx pine trees flank black front door with wreath of roses

Faux plants and custom details on this porch from Frugal Coupon Living create a chic look with minimal effort. While roses would be a major no-no during the winter season, faux flowers are just perfect to add style and class without the worry.

A simple customized doormat feel special while DIY house numbers are so personal and cute, and show how much thought has gone in to the design of the space.

These easy updates are guaranteed to last all winter long, and throughout the year.

Image Sources: On Sutton Place, Home Bunch, Simple Stylings, Sophias Decor, Frugal Coupon Living