Lamps Plus Hospitality Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lamps Plus Hospitality is the industry source for hospitality, hotel, resort, and restaurant property contract lighting. The program offers thousands of UL-CUL or equivalent products that meet or exceed brand standards, plus custom-made solutions for any project.

To learn more or to sign-up, please visit the Lamps Plus Hospitality home page or call 800-905-7225.

The following list of questions applies to the Hospitality program only. For a list of consumer FAQs, please visit the Lamps Plus Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page.

What does Hospitality Grade mean?

Products given the Hospitality Grade designation are those that meet UL-CUL design quality standards and certification. When logged-in and browsing the Lamps Plus Hospitality site, look for the Hospitality Grade logo. This logo means that our team has reviewed the design and that it meets our definition of Hospitality Grade.

What are the Design and Quality Standards for Hospitality Grade product?

The following outlines the various standards that all or our Hospitality designs meet. Products are covered under our Lamps Plus Hospitality Terms and Conditions Policy as well as our Lamps Plus Hospitality Warranty. Read more about our Hospitality Grade products here.

Design Standard Specifications
Metal Thickness at base 18 gauge
Weights in bases - Table Lamp Cast iron -3-5 lbs.
Weights in bases - Floor Lamp Cast iron up to 10 lbs.
Clear Coat Finish on Metal Yes
Electrical Outlet Capacity 11 Amps
USB port 2 Amps
Floor lamps - in one piece Yes
Styrene Thickness .4 mm minimum

What are Your Terms and Conditions Policies?

Unless otherwise negotiated, a fifty percent (50%) deposit is required with a customer's purchase order. Final payment is required when product has been delivered to our warehouse and is available for shipping at the customer's original requested ship date. In all cases, shipments made by Seller are F.O.B. Factory. Title passes to Buyer upon delivery to carrier. Other restrictions and statements apply. For a full list of our policies, please log-in or contact us.

What is Your Warranty Policy?

Lamps Plus Hospitality warrants that upon shipment products sold will be free of defects of workmanship or material under normal and proper usage. Should any failure to conform to this warranty occur of said product for a period of one year (190 Days for Lamp Shades), Lamps Plus Hospitality shall, upon prompt written notice from the customer, correct such non-conformity by repair or replacement, at our option, of product at no charge to the customer. Other restrictions and statements apply. For a full list of our policies, please log-in or contact us.

Do You Source or Sell Residential Grade Products?

Yes. Our website lists non-Hospitality Grade designs. These Residential Grade designs are products from our consumer line that have not been reviewed or tested for use in a hospitality environment. They may or may not be suitable for use in a contract lighting commercial environment, but they are available to you to make your own determination.

Residential products are not covered under any warranty for use in a commercial environment; however, they may be perfect for the function you need the product for. We recommend purchasing one to verify that the item meets your needs prior to ordering the full quantity – please keep in mind that these items cannot be returned. The most common uses of these residential items are in public areas, suites, lobbies, or as model room samples.

Contact us for more information about any designs that you may have questions about.

Can I buy now and have you ship later?

Yes, we can set aside your order, and then ship it to you at a later date. We have a huge warehouse area for just this purpose, and we can organize your order by job pallet, shipment locations or other criteria.

How can I retrieve my username and password?

If you've lost your username or password and are unable to log on, please contact us by phone or email. We'll be happy to help you reset your passwords.

How can my company be exempt from sales taxes?

Purchasers with re-sale certificates are exempt from state and-or relevant provincial taxes. Please fax a copy of your re-sale certificate to 818-772-1656 to qualify for tax-exempt status.

Can my company apply for a line of credit?

Yes. Opening a line of credit requires a one-time approval process that takes about five business days. Just give us a call to get your application process started.

I can't find an item I need on your website, what should I do?

Call us, we're here to help! We have relationships with a vast number of vendors and suppliers and can source virtually anything you need. You can reach us at 800-905-7225.

Do you have a terms of use agreement?

Yes we do. Please log-in and click the link in the bottom footer, or contact us for more information.

I don't see my question listed here!

We've got you covered. Our agents are available to help Monday thru Friday at 800-905-7225.