Under Cabinet Lights

Under Cabinet Lights
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Free Shipping* on all under cabinet lighting. Tucked neatly beneath kitchen cabinets and cupboards, under counter lighting is a versatile, easy-to-install option for countertops and other workspaces.

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Under Counter Lighting Made Easy

Few home improvement projects are as easy or lead to as dramatic results as installing under counter lights. This type of lighting installs under a kitchen or workbench counter and illuminates the counter area below it. Undercabinet shelf lighting is particular useful for illuminating task and work areas, and for providing mood lighting at night. Most all designs use long-lasting LEDs now, and there are many plug-in options, so installation can be an easy DIY job.

What are the types of under cabinet lights?

There are plug-in light bars, a thin long bar that attaches under the cabinet. Then there are puck lights, small round lights connected by a wire that plug in. Tape lights or strip lights are also available; these have LEDs in a flexible tape roll. Finally there are hard-wired under cabinet lights that require direct wire installation.

How many under cabinet lights do I need?

Choose a light bar that is roughly the length of the cabinet you will be installing under to get even lighting. For under cabinet shelf kitchen lights and work area lights you also have the choice of using puck lights. Place these 8" to 12" apart for even light distribution.

Can I link under cabinet lights together?

Yes, some designs allow you to connect light bars or puck lights together to create a longer run that will cover long cabinets. in some case you may need an additional cable to accomplish this. Check the design specs to see if this is an option for the design you are looking at.

How do I hide under cabinet light cords?

Your best bet is to bundle them together with ties and then tuck them out of sight under the cabinet overhang. You can use small tack nails to hold them in place.

Under counter lights are a great way to brighten countertops and other workspaces. They can even be used on bookcases in place of picture lights to highlight artwork and other keepsakes. If you need help choosing the right option for your project, check out our How to Buy Under Cabinet Lighting guide and video or get in touch with us for custom solutions.