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Free Shipping* on our swing arm wall lamps. These adjustable swing arm wall lamp designs are ideal for the bedside use or for a reading nook.

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Swing Arm Wall Lamp Designs

Among the most versatile designs available today, the swing arm lamp can be installed virtually anywhere in the house. Use them as a wall mounted nightstand light, or install in a home office. They come in a wide range if finishes and styles, from the warm and welcoming look of traditional swing arm wall lamps to more modern and sleek contemporary swing arm wall lamps. Both add function and fashion to your home.

What rooms are swing arm wall lamps good for?

Wherever you need adjustable reading and task lighting is a great location. Many professional designers prefer to mount lamps for specific purposes in small work areas and relaxation spaces such as an office, den, sitting room or reading alcove. Swing arms conserve valuable surface area in the living room by a sofa, or in hallways over a side table.

Where should a swing arm wall lamp be placed in a bedroom?

The best placement depends on the task at hand. In the bedroom, a wall mounted nightstand light should be easily reached, yet placed so they don't interfere with bedside table use.

Should bedroom swing arm wall lamps be used in pairs?

Using two on either side of a bed is a classic look, but it's certainly fine to use only one. Placed on either side of the bed, these wall mounted lamps are perfect for bedroom reading, as they add the convenience of turning the light on or off without having to get out of bed.

Can swing arm wall lamps be used by a chair?

Yes, this is an ideal location. When installing by a chair, keep them low enough to be easily accessible if they're illuminating seating areas and high enough to provide ample coverage in halls and other passageways.

For questions about any of our swing arm wall lamps, check out our swing arm lamps buying guide and video or you can contact one of our lighting experts by phone or chat for personalized help.