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Get Organized with a Nightstand or Bedside Table

Night stand cabinets and storage are the smart way to keep your bedroom space looking stylish and organized. They come in a wide range of heights and widths, so you are sure to find one to fit your bed space. And they offer a number of different features, from open shelves to nightstands with storage drawers and doors.

How high should nightstands be?

In general, a nightstand should be level with or a couple of inches higher than your bed mattress to make it easy to reach items placed on the tabletop. Remember to keep in mind the height of your lamps when choosing a design - you want to be able to lie in bed without seeing glare from the lamp bulb.

Is there a difference between a bedside table and a nightstand?

For all practical purposes, no. A bedside table or a night table is the classic way to refer to a table placed next to a bed. A nightstand often has a shelf or drawer, but it provides the same function.

Do nightstands have to match in style?

Most people prefer the look of having two matching night stand tables on either side of the bed, often with matching lamps as well. We offer sets of matching night stands that make this easy. But if you only have room for one, or if you prefer a mixed look, that can work as well.

A bedroom nightstand is a great way to add a fresh visual look and new organization to your sleeping space. Browse our collection of modern nightstands for contemporary looks, or choose a traditional nightstand for classic style.