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Quick Tips for Using Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a type of light that is installed on a wall surface into a junction box and controlled by a wall switch. Because they install on the wall, a sconce light is ideal for use in a number of home locations. For example, wall sconces in the living room are ideal for highlighting architectural details like fireplaces or shelving. Hallway scones brighten dark passageways without impeding movement through the space. And a stairway wall sconce helps add safety and style to stair areas. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about sconce lighting and wall sconces.

How high should sconce lighting be installed?

A good rule of thumb is to mount the sconce so that the top of the light is at three-quarters the height of the room ceiling. This rule works for a living room or hallway sconce. Around a bath mirror, install around eye level so that your face is evenly illuminated. In both cases, if the top of the sconce is open you may want to cheat the install point up a bit to avoid seeing the bare bulb.

How large a sconce do I need?

In a small space like a vanity, it really depends on how much vertical or horizontal space you have around a mirror. For width, 12 to 18-inches around a mirror is good, while height can be a quarter to half of the mirror height. Sconces for stairways may need to be larger to look in scale for the space. Same goes for a wall sconce in a hallway. A good tip is to do a paper cut out that approximates the sconce size and tape it on your wall to test it out.

How far apart should hallway sconces be?

Depending on the wattage and lumens of the light bulbs used, just a few sconces will properly illuminate the space. A good rule of thumb is one sconce light for every four to five feet of hall length.

What is an ADA wall sconce?

This terminology means that the wall sconce is designed to meet certain building codes and extend no more than 4 inches from the wall. ADA rated wall sconce designs are ideal for rooms where space is at a premium, like bathrooms or other tight areas. ADA stairway sconces or hallway sconces are also useful for these areas, as they offer illumination without intruding into the room. Learn more with our guide to ADA lighting.

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