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Free Shipping and Free Returns* on all motion sensor outdoor light fixtures. Built-in motion detector turns the light on when it senses movement. Added security for driveways, back doors and more.

Moray Bay 11 1/2" High Black Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light
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Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

Law enforcement officials agree: a well-lit property is critical in keeping would-be burglars away. Outdoor motion detector lights are triggered to turn on when they sense movement, providing illumination when you need it without wasting energy all night long. Choose energy-sipping outdoor LED flood lights for extra efficiency, or go with a solar motion sensor light and enjoy all the security benefits without the need for an external power source.

Aside from acting as a deterrent, motion sensor outdoor lights are helpful too. Place them near gates, back doors and other spaces that may need extra light when you access them after dark. To learn more about outdoor lights please visit our online resource "How to Buy Outdoor Lighting – Planning and Design Tips". Browse our selection for a full range of options and decorative styles and enjoy free shipping on every item.