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Free Shipping* on our console tables. For the entryway, hallway or backing the couch, our stylish selection of console and sofa tables offers a look for every need.

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Sofa - Console Table Designs

So named because it's often placed behind a couch, the sofa table (also known as a console table) is a shallow design that is taller than an accent table that can be used in a variety of locations. Because they don't extend out very far into a space, these designs are an ideal fit for hallways, entryways and other space-starved parts of your home.

Interior designers love them for how they can visually distinguish a given section of a room from another. You'll love them for the extra storage they provide. From stashing keys and wallets at the front door to creating a space for table lamps or displays of home accessories, console tables are the perfect landing pad for all the little things in life. Browse our entire selection and enjoy Free Shipping on our designs.

Here are 5 of our top tips to keep in mind when buying a console table:

  1. Measure your space.
  2. Two important measurements to know are the width and depth of the space you would like to place the table - you don't want your front door to bang into the table or people to bump into it when they walk by. If you plan on using the table as a sofa table, make sure it is at least two-thirds the length of the sofa so it doesn't look unbalanced.

  3. What's your design style?
  4. Keep your home's style in mind when you go shopping – there is a table to fit every decor style.

  5. How do you plan to use it?
  6. Is the console table going to be functional or purely decorative?

  7. How is the table constructed?
  8. If you are planning on using a console for storage, make sure the table is sturdy enough to handle the weight. More delicate looking tables are best for displaying accessories or holding table lamps.

  9. Think about the complete look.
  10. For a balanced look, place a table lamp on either end of the table. If there isn't room for two lamps, put a table lamp on one end and balance the look with a small group of home decor accessories or floral arrangement on the other.