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Free Shipping* on our LED landscape lighting. Brighten outdoor pathways and plantings throughout the yard with our energy-efficient LED landscape lights.

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Five Light Rock LED Landscape Kit
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Led landscape lighting fixtures

When planned properly, an arrangement of LED landscape lighting fixtures can completely transform the look of your yard. Luckily, it's actually quite simple to create a plan. Landscape lighting relies on a combination of three types of fixtures: spot lights to highlight plantings and garden features, floods to wash larger elements like walls and trees, and pathway designs to line outdoor walkways. For extra flair, our selection of party lights includes many outdoor-ready designs for festive occasions. Used in combination, the right mix of lighting creates a beautiful sense of depth in your yard. And best of all, LED landscape lights are energy efficient so you can keep them on at night for a fraction of the usual electricity costs! Before you shop, check out our guide, How to Buy Landscape Lighting – Design and Connect Your System.