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Free Shipping* on modern bathroom light fixtures. Discover sleek and streamlined designs inspired by contemporary and European bath vanity light styles.

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Add Style with Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures

Refresh your bath vanity space with new modern bathroom light fixtures. These designs are based on contemporary and European styles, and often feature sleek metal finishes and multiple lights. Designer glass treatments are also used in these fixtures.

What modern bathroom light fixtures are the most flattering?

For the most flattering light, add modern fixtures around the mirror, either on both sides or across the top, depending on the space available. This placement will give you even lighting across your face, which is the most flattering for viewing yourself in the bath space. Additional light sources in the room are also helpful for creating a flattering sense of light.

Should modern bath lights point up or down?

Either arrangement can work. Aiming light up towards the ceiling creates a softer, more diffuse room light. Point light down and it's brighter for use as a task light for grooming and makeup application. So it all depends on the room layout and the uses of the space.

Modern bath fixtures offer both incredible style and elegant functional light. Explore the possibilities for your home with our collection, which features dozens of exclusive designs you will find nowhere else. For more tips and information we invite you to check out our How to Buy Bath Lighting article and video.