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Bedroom Dressers
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For a room that's on trend and tidy, bedroom dressers do the job in style. Keep clothing and essentials tucked neatly behind the closed drawers of a stylish dresser or chest of drawers.

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Choosing Your Bedroom Dresser

Storage can be stylish when you choose the right bedroom dresser. Before shopping, determine how much space you have. Measure both the width, height and depth that you're willing to commit to a new chest of drawers. For narrow locations, you might want to consider a taller chest; 5 drawer designs are among the most common. For wider spots, look for a dresser that rises to roughly a height of waist high. These designs look great and free up valuable surface space for decorations, photographs or even a TV.

With sizing in mind, it's time to consider your storage and style needs. To help keep items such socks and pants separate, look for designs with graduated drawers (in which the smallest drawer is at top and larger ones are at the bottom). Materials matter too! Popular looks include distressed wood, or for a sleek look that's extra-easy to wipe clean, try a laminate finish. Look for free shipping on many of our top furniture designs!