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Bell Chandeliers

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Decorate with Bell Chandeliers

With many chandelier shapes to choose from to best fit your modern décor, one of the most popular designs is the bell chandelier. As the name implies, a bell-shaped chandelier has a curvy bell shape and is often known for its simple design. The chandelier usually opens at the bottom with the bulb(s) facing down to provide ample lighting for your kitchen island or dining room table.

What Size Should My Bell-Shaped Chandelier Be?

  • To determine the correct size, first ask yourself if you want only one bell chandelier or more than one ─ singular bell chandeliers should be a larger size to ensure the best amount of light.
  • No matter what, the bottom of the bell chandelier should hang between 28 to 34 inches above the island’s surface, which is high enough so people don’t hit their heads.
  • If you decide to go with more than one bell-shaped chandelier, have one design for every two or three feet of countertop or tabletop.

Where Can I Hang My Bell Chandelier?

  • The best part about bell-shaped chandeliers is that they can be implemented in any modern setting ─ they are usually small enough for any room, or they can be big enough to illuminate tables. However, the best place for smaller bell chandeliers is usually over kitchen islands, sinks or bar areas. Large bell chandeliers are especially ideal over dining room tables or kitchen tables.

To learn more about bell chandeliers, check out our videos and articles in our Ideas and Advice pages. Need help choosing from our selection of chandeliers? Contact one of our American Lighting Association trained chandelier specialists who are here to help with design advice and product recommendations. Schedule a free online lighting design consultation for in-depth help, or contact us for advice.