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Implementing an Empire Chandelier

Mesmerizing in its rich history and elegant design, the French empire style chandelier exudes glamour and splendor no matter where it is placed. Tracing back to Medieval France and royal palaces, these opulent chandeliers were often made from iron and featured dozens of candles for ideal lighting. Modern French empire chandeliers are usually covered in stunning crystal accents and continue to create a sophisticated aesthetic.

How Do I Clean a Crystal Empire Chandelier?

  • Using a lint-free cloth, wipe down the crystals with a combination of hot water and ammonia-free glass cleaner. Clean the chandelier on a sunny day so it can dry quickly, or use another cloth to instantly wipe down the crystals.
  • Make sure you place a thick blanket under the chandelier in case any crystal pieces fall off and so you can protect other furniture. Start from the top of the empire chandelier and work your way down.

Where Can I Hang My French Empire Chandelier?

  • Though these chandeliers do well in any setting, your best option is where the chandelier will make a statement. Dining rooms, entryways and large bedrooms are perfect spots for these grandiose chandeliers.
  • For dining rooms, make sure the chandelier is high enough off the table where it won’t obstruct any views or conversation. The bottom of the chandelier should be 28-34ˮ above the table.
  • If you decide an entryway is the best place for your empire style chandelier, try putting it in the highest part of the ceiling so it can really dazzle your guests.

To learn more about empire style chandeliers, check out our videos and articles in our Ideas and Advice pages. Need help choosing from our selection of chandeliers? Contact one of our American Lighting Association trained chandelier specialists who are here to help with design advice and product recommendations. Schedule a free online lighting design consultation for in-depth help, or contact us for advice.