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Hanging an Oval Chandelier

For something different over your dining room table or kitchen island, go with an oval chandelier. An oval chandelier is longer than it is wide and provides a unique silhouette and design for the room. The oblong shape usually allows for more lightbulbs that can be evenly spaced apart for maximum lighting.

What Should Be My Oval Chandelier Dimensions?

  • To determine your oval chandelier's width, add the room's length and width in feet together (for example, 8 feet long + 10 feet wide) to get the chandelier width in inches (18" wide).
  • Small chandeliers are between 13 - 22" wide, medium chandeliers are between 22 - 30" wide and large chandeliers are 31" or wider.
  • To determine your oval chandelier's height, take the room's height in feet and multiple it by 2.5 or 3 (for example, 7 feet tall = 21" high) to get the chandelier height in inches.
Where Can I Hang My Oval Chandelier?
  • There is no shortage in where you can hang your oval-shaped chandelier. Long, narrow dining room tables are an ideal fit, as are rectangular kitchen islands. For those with pool tables or game tables, oval chandeliers also make a perfect lighting source.
To learn more about oval chandeliers, check out our videos and articles in our Ideas and Advice pages. Need help choosing from our selection of chandeliers? Contact one of our American Lighting Association trained chandelier specialists who are here to help with design advice and product recommendations. Schedule a free online lighting design consultation for in-depth help, or contact us for advice.