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Choosing a Scroll Chandelier

Scroll: Something, especially an ornament, resembling a partly unrolled sheet of paper or having a spiral or coiled form. How does this definition apply to scroll chandeliers? This classic style is not just a shape, it is a design. Any shaped chandelier that boasts delicate or intricate curves, like an ancient roll of parchment, qualifies. While this design normally leans towards the traditional and the rustic, the artistic aspect has also caught the eye of more contemporary fixtures, enhancing any room.

Where is the Best Place for My Scroll Chandelier?

  • To provide adequate room to admire a tall chandelier, these are best placed in rooms with high ceilings. That could include dining rooms, living rooms, foyers, or more.
  • Smaller fixtures do not need as much headspace above them. These could be a good fit for a bedroom or master bathroom.
  • Make sure the bottom of a chandelier is 28-34" above any tables or countertops or 60" above the floor.

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