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Choosing a Teardrop Chandelier

Few chandelier shapes exude such effortless class as the teardrop shaped chandelier. The evocative shape brings to mind an artist's rendition of a drop of rain falling from the sky, with curves tapering towards the top of the fixture from the wide central or lower base. A popular design in both mid-century and modern styles, this particular aesthetic is also commonly found among pendant lighting and remains a popular stylistic choice.

Are crystal teardrop chandeliers still in style?

  • Crystals are the defining hallmark of classic traditional design, and exude class and glamour with ease.
  • Teardrop-shaped crystal chandeliers are still very much in style, although more minimalist designs are also very popular.
  • These lovely pieces usually fit best in a traditional or classic home and may clash with more modern decor. Depending on the style, mid-century decor may also be a good fit.

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