Outdoor Chandeliers

Outdoor Chandeliers
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Free Shipping* on all outdoor chandeliers. These special fixtures are rated for wet or damp location use. Brighten a patio or porch with a beautiful outdoor chandelier.

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Outdoor Chandeliers - What to Look For

An outdoor chandelier is a wonderful accent to add to your porch, patio, or garden area. These special fixtures are designed to be used outdoors. It is important to note that not all chandeliers are meant for this, and you should only use those that are specifically rated for use in these areas.

To be considered ready for use outside, a chandelier must be either wet or damp rated. A wet rated chandelier is sealed up from the elements and can be installed in an area that gets direct exposure to rain, snow, and the elements. A damp location design has been made for use in a covered area, such as a porch or gazebo. Though they can be used outdoors, they are not meant for direct exposure to weather.

Typically outdoor chandeliers are installed over a table or as an accent for outdoor kitchen areas. You can also use them as beautiful accent for a seating area. When used over a table, follow the general installation guidelines for height above the table just as you would for an indoor design. When used as an accent, hang at the eye-pleasing height that looks best to you.

Remember that a little light goes a long way at night, so you may not need to use a high wattage bulb. To create mood and a pleasant atmosphere you can use a lower wattage bulb or opt for a decorative Edison filament bulb. LEDs are a great choice as they last a long time and don't need frequent replacing. Use our free online design service to get personalized help in selecting an outdoor chandelier, or contact us by phone or chat.