Traditional Desk Lamps

Traditional Desk Lamps
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Classic Desk Lamp Designs

Drawing from the ornate styles of bygone eras, traditional desk lamps combine the best looks of the past with a modern take on productivity and focus. Though traditional decor is often associated with formal sitting rooms and a "charm-over-function" attitude, this couldn't be further from the truth. While the classic style showcases details like elaborate art glass shades, refined porcelain bases, floral notes, and well-rehearsed forms, these traditional desk lamp designs show off their timeless appeal without sacrificing an ounce of effective illumination in your home office. You can be confident that the addition of one of these lamps will enhance the sense of warmth in your space while ensuring your workspace matches the rest of your traditional decor. These desk lamps can also be paired with larger traditional lamp designs to outfit your entire office or work area with classic looks. If you would like more information, we suggest you read our How to Buy a Desk Lamp – Five Things to Consider guide. For specific product recommendations for your space, call 800-782-1967 to speak with one of our friendly, professional Lighting & Home Decor Consultants. We're here to help!