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Free Shipping* on piano lamps and banker's lamps. Stylish and functional, piano lamps are perfect for use on both pianos and desktops. Based on the look of classic bankers lamps, our selection includes dozens of designs to brighten a variety tasks.

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Piano Lights - A Brief History

In the days before electric piano lights, people would play by candlelight at night. But as it illuminated the keyboard, a flame's glare was also quite distracting to a performer. So a cover was invented to block the performer's direct view of the light source. Fast forward to today and the principle remains the same. Piano lamps and bankers lamps typically feature an adjustable lightsource, shielded from view with a metal or glass shade. This design allows a person to direct light where they need it - onto a keyboard, sheet music, or paperwork - without causing extra eye strain. Within our selection you'll find dozens of such lights, featuring a variety of decorative shades, finishes, bulbs types and free shipping on all.*