Halogen Desk Lamps

Halogen Desk Lamps
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The Benefits of Halogen in Desk Lamps

A light bulb is a light bulb, right? Well, yes, in the sense that it illuminates your space. But in actuality, when it comes to certain tasks and settings, some bulbs are better suited for the job than others. When it comes to workspace lighting, halogen desk lamps offer a range of benefits that illustrate why they are the right choice for lighting your home office:

  • The gas in a halogen bulb operates at a higher pressure than standard bulbs, allowing them to produce a higher lumen output at a more compact size that is perfect for saving precious desk space.
  • The color temperature of your halogen desk lamp is better than a standard bulb and closer to daylight than the amber light of other bulbs. This crisp, clear light is ideal for reading and task lighting.
  • Halogen bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs, so you'll be replacing the bulb in your desk lamp less often.
  • Adjusting the intensity of illumination in your home office is easy - halogen bulbs are dimmable (and require no warm-up time).

Have any questions about whether or not a halogen desk lamp is the right choice for your workspace? Call 800-782-1967 to speak with one of our trained Lighting & Home Decor Consultants. We're more than happy to offer more information and provide recommendations for your office. Also make sure to check out our guide, How to Buy a Desk Lamp – Five Things to Consider. It was developed by specialists to provide you with a complete checklist to use before buying a desk lamp.