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Free Shipping* on all LED desk lamps. These energy-efficient designs provide sleek, modern lighting for reading and writing. Find the right LED desk lamp for your style.

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LED Desk Lights

For students, office workers, and everyone in between, good desk lighting is nearly synonymous with productivity. So it's only right that your workspace be outfitted appropriately. Our selection of LED desk lamps offers today's most innovative lighting technology wrapped up in a range of modern styles. The result is an advanced, energy-efficient lighting solution that's great to work under and beautiful to behold. In keeping with the spirit of innovation, many of our LED desk lamp designs also come with extra features – from sleek, stylish finishes to bases equipped with USB ports or iPhone docks – to give your workstation an upgrade. Want to know how to choose the right desk light for your needs? Our How to Buy a Desk Lamp – Five Things to Consider has got you covered.