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Free Shipping* on our best selling candle light bulbs. These designs have a candle shape that adds a decorative look to lamps and fixtures. Check out the new energy-saving LEDs as you shop.

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Candle Chandelier Light Bulbs

Decorative candle light bulbs add a festive touch to fixtures, accent lamps and more. They are ideal for use as chandelier light bulbs and can even bring a period-look to porch lighting. There are several shapes to choose from. So-called "torpedo tip" bulbs and "bent tip" bulbs have a shape that is inspired by candle flames. Use these types of candle light bulbs when the bulbs is going to be exposed and visible to the eye. For bulbs that will be hidden by a shade or a diffuser, opt for a regular tip or blunt tip style instead. If the bulb is going to be visible, you might also want to choose a frosted glass design to minimize glare. If you need help making a selection just give us a call, we be happy to help.