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What Are Edison Bulbs?

Edison bulbs, also known as vintage or filament bulbs, are a style of incandescent light bulb designed to replicate the look of the early 20th-century bulbs invented by Thomas Edison. They are characterized by a distinctive exposed filament, often in a spiral or squirrel cage shape, which emits a warm and ambient light. These bulbs have gained popularity for their nostalgic aesthetic and ability to create a cozy, retro atmosphere.

Key Benefits of Edison Bulbs

One of the main benefits of Edison bulbs is their unique and stylish design, adding a touch of vintage charm to any space. They emit a warm and soft glow that is visually appealing and can enhance the ambiance of a room. Additionally, Edison bulbs are versatile and can be used in various fixtures and settings, from pendant lights to table lamps, contributing to a timeless and trendy decor.


Edison bulbs are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings to create a vintage or industrial-inspired atmosphere. They are frequently employed in exposed bulb fixtures, such as pendant lights and chandeliers, where the aesthetics of the filament are showcased. These bulbs are also popular in cafes, restaurants, and other spaces aiming for a cozy and inviting ambiance.


Edison bulbs typically feature a tungsten filament enclosed in a glass bulb. The filament's unique design and the absence of a traditional lamp shade contribute to the bulb's distinctive appearance. Some Edison bulbs are available with various filament shapes, adding to the diversity of design options.


Edison bulbs come in various shapes, including the classic pear or teardrop shape, as well as tubular, globe, and spiral designs. The choice of shape can impact the visual appeal and the dispersion of light, allowing users to tailor the bulbs to their specific aesthetic preferences and lighting needs.


Edison bulbs are available in a range of wattages, allowing users to select the appropriate level of brightness for their space. Lower wattages are suitable for ambient or decorative lighting, while higher wattages may be preferred for task lighting or areas where brighter illumination is required.


These bulbs come with different base types, such as E26 or E27, which are standard screw bases. It's essential to ensure compatibility with your fixtures when choosing Edison bulbs to guarantee a proper fit.


Brightness levels vary among Edison bulbs, with options ranging from dim to bright. Consider the intended use and ambiance of the space when selecting the brightness of the bulbs to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Color Temp

Edison bulbs are known for producing a warm and amber-toned light, typically measured in kelvin (K). A color temperature in the range of 2200K to 2900K is common for Edison bulbs, creating a cozy and inviting glow reminiscent of the soft light from traditional incandescent bulbs.

Choose The Right Edison Bulbs For You

When selecting Edison bulbs, consider the desired ambiance, the fixture type, and the level of brightness required. Experimenting with different shapes, wattages, and color temperatures can help you achieve the perfect vintage-inspired lighting for your space. Additionally, check compatibility with your fixtures to ensure a seamless and stylish integration of Edison bulbs into your home or commercial setting.