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Using Troy Lighting in Outdoor Spaces

Troy Outdoor LightingIf you've ever pulled up to a home that's tastefully illuminated for the evening, you know much outdoor lighting can enhance curb appeal. To get the look, we offer Troy Lighting, with outdoor designs to match your style and needs. Before you get started, there are several major categories of outdoor fixtures, each one designed to complement different features of the home and garden.

Wall lights are like wall sconces for the exterior. They are hardwired, so you'll need professionally installed junction boxes designed for outdoor use. Put one on either side of a door to frame it perfectly, and light up porches, decks and exterior hallways, too.

Hanging lights are like pendants for the outside. These are great for any covered space such as a porch or patio or a gazebo. Many outdoor hanging lights are stylish enough to bring inside as a foyer light!

Finally, there are post-mount and pier-mount lights. A post-mount light, along with a matching post, is the perfect way to extend lighting to further reaches of your landscape or garden. Fences and retaining walls create excellent lighting opportunities. Take full advantage of these features by installing pier-mount lights.