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Free Shipping and Free Returns* on all outdoor solar post lights. Using only the power of the sun to operate, these designs are easy to install and use.

Gunnar 16"H Chrome Solar LED Sphere Pillar Light with Remote
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Outdoor Solar Post Lights - A Bright Choice

Accent a porch, patio, outdoor dining area and more with a bright design from our collection of solar post lights. These lights have LEDs that are powered by the sun, so you won't need an electrician to install them or have an electrical outlet nearby to plug into. They install quickly and can be placed on a tall post, outdoor deck or porch posts, pier mounts, or other architectural details.

How do solar powered post lights work?

These designs have a photoelectric panel either on top of the light or as a separate unit that can be positioned as needed. The panel charges a battery pack which then runs the LED lights at night. Most designs have a sensor that turns them on automatically at night.

How long will solar lights run for?

Run time depends on the design and the amount of sunlight received. Direct sun is best, but lights will operate in less sunny locations or in cloudy weather, though they will not have as long a run time. On a full charge, most designs will run for upwards of six to eight hours. Check the details of the design you are looking at for exact specifications.

Where should I place solar post lights?

Photovoltaic panels are most effective in direct sunlight. A solar post light will still work on a cloudy day, or when placed in a shady location, but a sunny location provides the best battery charge and run time.

Solar post lights are a convenient way to light outdoor spaces that may be out of reach of electrical connections. Compare the run times and lumens light output the designs you like to find the best fit for your home. If you need help talk to one of our lighting experts to get personalized lighting recommendations.