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Free Shipping* on all outdoor party lights. A string of lights above your patio or back yard sets a fresh and inviting tone at your next party or gathering.

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Add Magic with Backyard String Lights

Backyard string lighting offers a magical look for your outdoor patio and porch areas, and is an easy way to transform an under-decorated space into a welcoming gathering spot for family and friends. Sometimes referred to as backyard party lights, this type of lighting features a number of lights on a long wire strand or string, similar to the lights you might use on your holiday tree. They are often seen in commercial settings like restaurants or outdoor shops. The lights are plug-in, are easy to use, and can be hung or draped in a a number of different ways, so they are adaptable to practically any home patio or garden space. Here are some quick tips for using backyard string light designs.

How do I hang sting lights?

It is common to hang the lights in a v-shaped pattern, using a hook or attachment point on a house, tree, or wooden deck. Make sure that the end of the lights with the plug is ends up near your outdoor electrical outlet. You can also wrap the lights around trees, or use driveway string lights in low shrubs to illuminate a parking area.

How high should string lights be hung?

You want to have the lights hang so that no one gets caught in them, so eight to ten feet usually does the trick. They string may sag some in the middle, so be sure to take that into account.

Can string lights in the backyard be left out in winter?

We recommend that you bring your string lights indoors in winter. While most can be left outdoors in the rain, extreme cold can be hard on the lights and the wire cables, so bring them inside.

How far apart are the lights on a string?

12-inches is a common distance between lights, but they can be up to two or three feet, depending on the size of the lights and the total length of the string.

How many backyard sting lights do I need?

A typical strand of 10 to 15 lights hung in a v-pattern is usually more than enough to illuminate a 15x15 patio area. If using the lights around a tree in a garden setting, one or two trees is enough to brighten a 25x25 area where you might have dining tables or seating. If you need a longer length, most designs allow you to connect two or more strings together.

For more questions about stringing lights outdoors, contact our experts and they can help you out.