Kids Pendant Lighting

Kids Pendant Lighting
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Free Shipping* on all kids pendant lighting. For bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries, kids pendant lights come in bright colors and fun, playful patterns.

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Add Some Fun with Kids Pendant Lights

A child's area or bedroom should be a bright and fun space for activities and play. Get creative in any children's room with our collection of kids pendant lighting. You'll find a wide range of bright and cheerful colors, from vivid reds to stimulating yellows and more, all ideal for use in a nursery or play area. We also showcase a range of interesting shade patterns from our exclusive art shade collection that are ideal for use as a kids pendant light in a children's room.

What's the best color for a pendant light for kids?

There are many theories about colors and how they impact human activity. Warm colors such as reds and yellows are said to be active hues, while blues and purples evoke a sense of calm. Really though, any color can provide a bright and warm room space. Choose an interesting profile that's playful and eye-catching, and go with a color that you like that fits your home decor.

Do pendant lights for kids go out of style?

The designs we carry will look great in a room space for years, from nursery days and beyond. You'll be able to keep your children's room spaces cozy and well-lit for many years with these fun and colorful fixtures.

Pendant lights for kids are versatile visual designs that can be used in any room space, from bedrooms to playroom areas. Browse our collection of kids pendant lights for a design that's right for you, or reach out to speak to a Lamps Plus lighting expert for assistance.