Tropical Pendant Lighting

Tropical Pendant Lighting
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Brighten Up with Tropical Pendant Lighting

Inspired by the bright and vibrant style of the tropics, tropical pendant lights bring a bold and playful look to your decor. You'll find a rainbow of colors, organic materials, and wonderful forms and profiles. Use these designs to enliven a kitchen seating area, to add texture to a dining room, or to take a home office space to a new level.

What are some of the materials used in tropical pendant lighting?

You'll find soft organic materials like bamboo, wicker, and other natural fibers. Colored glass, stone treatments, and open metal forms are also frequently seen.

Are tropical pendant lights colorful?

Yes, you'll find loads of color in this style. Bright greens, pinks, yellows, and ocean blues are in the tropical pendant palette. You will also find tropical plant prints like leaves and palm trees, as well as animal prints.

Is tropical pendant lighting the same as coastal?

Tropical pendants are much more bright and bold than coastal decor. They share a similar inspiration of sea and sky, but the oversized foliage prints, colors, and patterns are very different.

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