Wrought Iron Pendant Lighting

Wrought Iron Pendant Lighting
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Free Shipping* on all wrought iron pendant lighting. Discover bright designs crafted from metal and wrought iron for your kitchen areas and more.

Shane 30" Wide Black 9-Light Ring Chandelier
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The Bright Style of Wrought Iron Pendant Lighting

Wrought iron pendant lights offer a wonderful style look for your home spaces. These designs all feature metal construction, and in many cases are hand-crafted or have hand-forged wrought iron elements to them. There are also designs in classic black finishes that have the look of wrought iron, but may be crafted from cast iron or metal.

What's the difference between metal, iron and wrought iron?

Designs with a wrought iron look may be made from cast steel metal, which has different metallic properties than true wrought iron. Designs made from iron are usually poured into a mold and then allowed to cool. True wrought iron is hand-worked by artisans with tools to create the pendant shapes.

Is wrought iron always black?

It often is, but wrought iron pendant lights can also come in different finishes such as gold and white.

Does wrought iron have a texture?

Yes, hand-worked true wrought iron pendants have a grainy finish and feel to them. In some cases wrought iron pendant lighting is then hand-finished or polished, but in its more raw state there will be a tactile texture.

We invite you to explore the design world offered by this alluring finish and style look. If you have any questions about our wrought iron pendant lights our lighting experts are here to help.