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Free Shipping* on all LED wall sconces. Functional and fashionable LEDs use a fraction of the electricity of standard bulbs! The perfect solution for your wall sconce needs.

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LED Wall Sconce Innovations

LEDs are often considered the single greatest innovation in lighting since electricity. They're energy efficient, last a long time, and offer a range of color options. Early on with LED technology, naysayers argued that the quality of light wasn't on par with incandescents, but our LED wall sconce selection begs to differ. Available in a range of color temperatures, from bright midday white to warm morning light, our LED wall sconces offer an ideal lighting for bathrooms, halls, bedside and more. And this new technology enables fresh shapes and styles that just aren't possible with standard bulbs. We believe this is the future of sconces and think you will too. Want to switch to LED bulbs but don't know where to start? Our How to Buy LED Lighting covers everything from color temperature to where to use LEDs (here's a clue: you can use it anywhere!).